Consistency Nature – The Tunguska Event

artist: Consistency Nature
Title: The Tunguska Event
Cat: Siro518
Format: 128 kbps mp3
keywords: Soundscape / Experimental / Ambient / Drone / Noise
label: Sirona Records

My memory isn’t working well, and I’m too lazy too Google it; but I believe not so long ago a debris from space has crashed in Russian airspace. I remember bits of YouTube video clips of people filming the strange looking effects in the sky, before a giant boom and shake hit the ground. I’m not talking about the fake Harlem shake, but about an earthquake kind of shake. The video’s where entertaining as the shock from just filming a strange phenomenon in the sky and the transformation into a state of a fine apocalypse catastrophe where tremendous. This was happening not so long ago, but the following EP by Consistency Nature would be a great soundtrack to spice up this natural event. This is not a coincidence as the artist was inspired by an event that happened in the past that has somehow something in common with this described event. To be honest i didn’t do my research well on the subject this release is inspired by, as I didn’t want to be too much distracted from the actual music. So with an open mind and my cosmonautic space-costume on , I will set this release free through the airwaves… I hope it will not trigger more disastrous events, but in case it does; make sure you got your camera’s ready and the music up!

The dancing of the muses is more an experience than your regular kind of music. It starts off with a sound blast that fades in to your headspace in a rapid speed and then leaves you speechless in total silence. This gives the ears just enough time to prepare themselves for what Consistency Nature had cooked for them. Please if you have time left, don’t forget to fasten your seatbelts before the invasion of sounds overrule all tour regular thinking patterns. This is something like you have never heard before. Even for a work out of the mind of Consistency Nature it is extraordinary what has been created over here in this ultra-madness of a track. Anything can happen in the world of this artist, but he certainly found a way how to captivate these original brainwaves in a very expressive and intensive audio recording. For me it is difficult to go in the deep details of this track, as there is simply so much intense things going on that it is better to be heard by your own ears. If i wrote you all about it, there will be a great chance that you wouldn’t believe me. That’s how expressive and good this is! Warm sounds, distortion, alienating soundscapes, insecticide, intensive recordings, bombastic endangerments, deep layers of dark ambient, heavy mentalist, hiss fighting bliss, extraterrestrial vibrations. And that all smudged and melted in one adventurous track!

When mad things happen, things can even go more insane than even the universe could think of. “i like to do ya to ya” are one of the phrases my ears have picked up from the ramblings Consistency Nature has laid down in this atmospheric and organic track called ‘ Turn, My Milky Way’. A group of tribal space monkeys are seemingly excited to land on planet earth. Their pet birds are singing the tones of feathery powers, while the head monkey is talking to himself while scratching his eyeballs. Planet earth will be in reach any moment soon, and the sounds are getting more and more intensive when the alien vessel speeds through the ozone layer.

Excitement is the word that rules the scepter of this release. Every second I peel my ears a little bit wider, just to make sure that no sound will be left unnoticed. ‘A Toast To Come, Catastrophe’ is the next audio happening with spacious feelings that comes up. It starts with a harsh engine, and then suddenly we are receiving sounds from somewhere else. It feels like we are somewhere unknown and hearing a never heard before alien creature that crawls under an unidentified object. Perhaps it walks about and not crawls so much as it tends to have multiple legs. It runs around while a slimy face is spewing an alien animalistic language. My dog who sits next to me while I’m listening to this track looks up in a very disturbed way. Than a second later he smiles and continues his lazy pose. This is an extreme form of alien language and expression, which is basically a pure poetry performance. I might recommend a dictionary to understand all the noises, the words and the expressions, so you can enjoy this epic track to the fullest!

The last track is an actual recording of an event that isn’t very common to hear in our daily lives. The title is a to the point explanation for what we are hearing.  ‘Two suns on High. One grows larger’ is what I was talking about and perhaps you haven’t come across the phenomenon, it is actually a true happening and Consistency Nature managed to record it discretely in a very neat audio quality! You can imagine the warmth, the rays of fire and the rumblings of the transformation, but to hear the actual things is certainly a treat for your brain and ear receptors. This comfortable track moves while flushing your ears, like a breeze of universal sun action based in the cosmos.
We hear an amazing natural happening and each and every highlight is recorded with care. The ending is priceless.

These tracks are obviously carefully recorded and made for the sophisticated listener. This is material for someone who is interested in exploring space and artistic freedom at the same time. This should be included in every school and university as a must have free downloadable release. It is not easy to find a release that is educational and above all very enjoyable at the same time. Consistency Nature glued these things together, like a peanut butter sandwich! It’s absolutely an experience that shouldn’t be missed! Fans of ‘Audio’ would be certainly pleased, so don’t hesitate to go and get this event at the following link:

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