Bored Spies – Summer 720

Artists: The Bored Spies
Title: Summer 720
cat: DAMNABLY023
format: 7inch (250 limited edition / digitall
keywords: Boring attempt to indie pop
label: Damnably’s
reviewer: DA

Dear readers today we have a terrible announcement.
A release has dropped in our inbox which wasn’t really what our team of YIKIS where waiting for.
We have passed it from one reviewer to one other, hoping that someone could appreciate the sounds of the following 7inch release, but unfortunately nobody in our department was slightly enthusiastic.  Well it started of bright as we got a promising promo text send along with it that was sounding pretty interesting.  The band is called ‘Bored Spies’ and they are a Canadian-Korean-Singaporean trio that has been formed in early 2012. The individuals are seemingly active in other bands like Obedient Wives Club, Pastelpower, Bitch Magnet and Seam. All bands that doesn’t really seem to ring a bell, but perhaps we have been on the wrong side of the underground to have noticed them.  Anyway each member of the group is still based internationally in their home towns of Singapore, Soul and Arizona which makes me think, interesting but where do these people meet up to practice? Or do they work through internet? I mean these days with modern technology everything is possible.. To cut the case; Bored Spies has announced their 7inch to drop the 20th of April 2013 in a limited edition of 250. They also let us know that they are working on a full-length album that will be due later this year.  But as you already knew, our ears where not really impressed with what the press release of the 7inch (that will also be available in digital format) sounded like.

Nonetheless I will try to listen to this release with an open mind again, and perhaps see if there is a better digestible review coming out of the pencil.  The first track is called ‘Summer 720’ and contains guitar rock that does honor the name of the band. Bored Spies sound like something that has been overproduced and unfortunately very boring. The music is muffled by a producer that cleans every attempt to rawness in sound and the whole vibe is pretty sad. The voice of the Singaporean singer is perhaps pretty, but just follows the guitar like a non-inspirational attempt of alternative indie rock.
The ending (I’m very sorry to write this) with the beat going wonky (even though it might be on purpose) sound like absolute rubbish.  The Bored Spies should continue to be international spies, as the music bores the shit out of me.

The second track 沙鼠E (Gerbils E) is a track that perhaps is attempting to be sweet, but the over mastering by the producer seriously made this band sound like a fake. It is sad because the actual music could be enjoyable, if it wasn’t’ moshed in this slick clean sound. The vocals seem to disappear in the depth. Perhaps the one who managed to put this all together was bored too when mastering this record, or fall asleep on the mixing panel. I could identify some words like ‘gangster’ in an attempt to a powerful uprising in the song. But unfortunately it all stays weak and hollow. The music would have sounded better when there was a more real lo-fi profile to it. The whole sound of this 7inch sounds too glossed. Our advice is to sunk all the money into getting rid of the producer and go for a rawer approach in music. These tracks would have been sounding 100 % better in Lobit.

I hope for the band that they are actually real life spies, as if not they should perhaps change the band name in ‘The Boring’, as it basically describes their sound better than any of my previous written words.
Are you sure you want more info, than follow the link below : (we don’t recommend it though)

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