Dr.NoiseM – Earthquake

Artist: Dr.NoiseM
title:  Earthquake
format: tape (limited 35 copys) / digital
keywords: experimental, hardcore, electronic, noise, noisecore
label: Dr. NoiseM Tapes Label

Perhaps it is difficult to judge a full release on small preview snippets,
but in this case I really cannot wait for the full length tape to review the following tape by Dr. NoiseM. It is his first release on his own Dr. NoiseM Tape label and I can tell you the snippets are long enough (+-2:30) to tell you that this is exciting material.

The first track is Erdbebebn 7,2 and is a delicious mix of rhythmic smooth noise.  It feels like radio frequencies are being searched, techno instruments are being ripped apart and space alarms are creating a party sound. This maybe a strange thing to read, but when you hear the music my words will probably all make sense. It sounds completely mental but yet easy digestible and could be considered as futuristic techno music, as it got a nice old school flow to it. Even though it is by far Techno as you may know it. Dr. NoiseM, please give me more!

The second snippet from the tape comes from a track called ‘Die Ruhe vor dem Nachbeben’.
I have no idea if this is indeed a silent track, or there are some technical difficulties that make the preview not listenable.  Or perhaps it is in tones so high, that it can only be heard by animals with ultra-sonic ears..  Anyway it is also a smart marketing move as now I really want to get this tape, just to find out what is really going on in ‘Die Ruhe vor dem Nachbeben’..

Lucky for my hungry ears there is a preview of ‘Das schwere Nachbenen 9,5 which is yet again a track that Is truly exciting! This is rhythmic noise techno with a high futurist element! I’ve had a time that I was totally into heavy rhythmic noise music like ‘Converter’ and stuff like 100blumen , but the rhytmic noise of Dr.NoiseM is completly something different. It is massive and not very sane, but I’m really enjoying this crazy refreshing sound. Heavy base, distortion, samples, recordings and electronic techno effects, that will be good fun to blast party people away with. This is surely something unique and for a noise orientated release very enjoyable and surprisingly listenable.

the last preview gives the listener time to digest the previously heard music. A notable moment of silence, that this time is for sure no technical malfunction, but a memorable piece of pure nothing.
In the world that we are living there is noise everywhere, but with tunes like this we are more focused on appreciating something that rarely occurs in daily live: pure silence.

Dr.NoiseM’s first tape release is for sure something that could be appreciated in the form of music for the future, that is already available at this very moment. It is a very refreshing approach of a genre that could be considered a mixture of noise, techno and art. Would love to hear more from Dr.NoiseM, and I bet if you purchase the tape at the link below, I’m sure it will give him enough stimulation to make much more of these goodies!
check it out over here:

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