Silence The Earth, Fog & Shadowgrave – Split EP

artists: Silence The Earth, Fog & Shadowgrave
Title: Split EP
Cat: Siro580
keywords: black metal, symphonic, doom
label: Sirona Records

A dramatic opening of piano and strings by “Silence the Earth”, creates a mood of mystery. the track “C’est la fin” creates a tension of something that is going to happen, but doesn’t contain any hint in what way this manifestation of music is going to end up. The title of this tune could be roughly translated as ‘this is the end’, so i assume we going to die pretty soon.

and yes! track 2 by the same band hits the ears as eternal darkness
is coming out of the speakers. We hear surprisingly melodic music mixed with more traditional sounding deaf metal. The singer spits out his lungs while singing and the music gets very nice after a little break, taking a firm stand on symphonic swing metal. The melody is sad and powerful and memorable, a nice soundtrack to suck on a bat brain or to be involved with other forms of darkness.

The Promise of Suicide’ by ‘Fog’ is something from a different caliber. Fog takes a more raw approach and sits in a perfect mixed bath of distortion. The electric guitar and the beat are dragging the listener to the gallows, or the kitchen to pick up some knives to play with. This tune with its excellent presence of hatred of the world and one self, sounds realer than real and makes the thought of Suicide sounding good.
At the end we hear the smooth sounds of breaking waves which basically suggest;fuck the ropes or the kitchen knife and just drown yourself in a gorgeous looking sea.
Personally this track makes me want to live, just so i can  spin this nasty track whenever in the mood for a raw powerful & depressing soundtrack.

another track by ‘fog’ that gets me excited hits the sound system. Yet in a calm but perfect tempo, they basically rule the mood of evil. When the beat and voice collides with a church bell of pure doom, the track gets more sinister. When the distorted bass guitar joins in, the music really gives a space of devilish delight. The vocals are epic, the music is nasty and great. If i ever intend to fake my own funeral, i would love this track to be played for the guest when appearing to my casket. How unlikable it may seem, i really like and enjoy this  band their output.

Shadowgrave – Ashes Under the Grave seems to have combined the symphonic metal and rawness of the previous bands. The vocals are very clear and crunchy, which seems to be a very enjoyable rarity in the genre. This tune with the fancy sounding solo at the end, seems to be memorable and has a high rewind value.

The last track by the same band is called “the Omen’ and is a 8 minute+ extravaganza in crunchy doom. The throats have been fostered in name of the devil, to supply the lyrical contents. the strings of the guitar are being sacrificed in the name of the Fallen. The drums are possessed by a tight drummer. This is sounding like a nice tribulation to the son of the Devil. When there is a voice of clarity that joins the more matured one, this track reaches a highlight of pure and sincere devotion to the occult.

This three way split release is a perfect way to get to know the bands and the music that they are involved with. Each band got their own brand of sound but at the same time are like a perfect match made in hell. Get this record for free by clicking on the link below:

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