Bless in Noisy – Make Peace Not War

artist: Bless’in Noisy
title: Make Peace Not War
label: Susu Ultrarock Records

It is been a bit still at the Yeah I Know It Sucks headquarters. We are all out focusing on some huge releases which makes it difficult to keep our release schedule of daily reviews in tact. But lucky for these fine moments there are artists and bands out there who actually release free ‘singles’. Perhaps the following single is not only a ‘single’ but also a ‘demo’ for perhaps the purpose of finding a manager or a label that could possibly have interest in the following track. So as long as it is downloadable for free, i feel safe to take a quick and good listen where this tune is about. Let me take out some good caviar, a fine wine and a box of Cuban cigars and some nibbles.

..and than it was time for something unexpected! a track that hides under a peaceful name (safe our earth) suddenly turns into metallic guitar riffs, grunts and clear vocals, heavy base guitar and a wicked drummer going mental on his beats. It is funny that this is sounding very alternative but yet again smells of total hit potential. It feels like it could have been the child of linkin park, ramnstein and energetic punk rock. Perhaps it was that this single totally surprised me as i was suspecting some chill out peace and loving kind of music, but i cannot deny that this was pretty good and to the point! My caviar ended up in my hair, the wine on the carpet, the nibbles in my nose and the cigars in my anus..
So if you are up for a catchy and energetic guitar fest with lyrics, grunts and energy, than you might check this tune out before they will sell their souls and join the hit parade!
grab it over here:

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