IT052 Project – Forgotten Accords

artist: IT052 Project
title: Forgotten Accords
cat: GHR-012
format: mp3 80 kbps
keywords: improvisation,  classical, rock n roll, garage rock
label: Great Hedgehogs’ Records netlabel

The openings track is called ‘Sergei’s Song’ and sounds like the musical tones of an apocalyptic world. A sombre but yet warrior powered guitar theme that manages to be sentimental in a time limit of 52 seconds. This is not a sample or a snippet, this is actually really good music that starts and ends like a well rehearsed improvisation.

The track that follows up next is ‘Hedgehog’s Pock’n Roll’ and the baseline reminds me instantly of this. Which is of course a good thing as it is lots of fun! Also Pock’n Roll makes me think of chickens making rock n roll music, although this time it is been covered by Avs_Silvester’s trademark Hedgehogs. He is also handling the harmonica on this track which makes this into something that wouldn’t be possible without him. (and his buddies)

The title track of the release (Forgotten Accords) is indeed a very well chosen title for this work.
It is a very comfortable tune where the band members are all a bit loopy from (i presume) alcohol and try to remember their famous hit accords… But indeed you guessed it, they seem to have forgotten them halfway trough. Either way, it makes this track very human and upfront and close with these friendly figures. Just look at the cover of the release of the album, don’t you just wanna meet them and have a good time jamming with them? Who needs Accords anyway?

The longest track is a cover of the Beatles of ‘Yesterday’. It must have been branded so much on their brains that they know exactly what to play. There is lots of improvisation going on, and some of the members do not really believe in the holy powers of the Beatles. But the rawness and the strangeness of the improvisation versus the notes of a memorable Beatles classic makes this track into a very enjoyable one!

Last but certainly not least, the guys have made some time to play the  ‘Johannes Brahms’s variations’. Trust me, only this track alone is worth the download of this release as it is utterly brilliant. In 28 seconds Johannes Brahms is turning around in his grave to reveal a smile and say cheers to the members of the IT052 for modernizing his famous composition in a way more fun and understandable version. Take out the squeaky toys and play along!

This funny release is perhaps short, but also very lively and contains  a world wide sense of humor and i believe also some fair self-spot. These guys who are forming the IT052 Project just seems to have a lot of fun, and they where kind enough to record it for anyone who wants to join in.
get ‘Forgotten Accords’ by clicking on the following link:

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