Animals In Denial – Malicious Intent EP

artist: Animals In Denial
title: Malicious Intent EP
cat: Siro581
keywords: alternative, electro, rock
label: Sirona Records

Animals in denial are here with a new EP, released on the exciting underground brewery of music; Sirona Records. Instead of going for the obvious (make it bleed) they are starting out with a cool track called ‘Make It Stop’. The keywords made me think of something that would be difficult to write some words about, but luckily Animals In Denial delivers a full attack of industrial electro rock that sounds f*cking cool. A nice blend of raw aggression, a nasty vibe that is for sure very enjoyable.
Perfect music for these fine uplifting dark moods where you are just roaming the streets with a mind infiltrated with dark thoughts.

‘Glass So Far’ starts of with a delirious lo-fi beat that reminds me of the good old Alec Empire early material, before turning into a glam rock star with apple store performances. Luckily the track goes further and turns into their own direction with the great use of guitars and vocals. This creates a one of a kind track that will do good for some shaking booty in the alternative club. The Animals In Denial are on the loose and ready to set the place on fire with their animalistic music.

A lovely alto track called ‘The Beauty In Mistakes’ comes up and there is no running away from it as the singer will taunt your ears from every direction. He sings about leaving his love (i believe) and the music seems almost happy and relieved by this knowledge.

the last track of this EP is Enough, which sound like something we can’t have enough off. Very raw, nasty sounding material and i like what i hear. This is for sure my favorite tune on this EP, it combines the haunting of Trent Reznor, the power of Atari Teenage Riot screaming in the middle and just the psychopathic lyrics of Animal In Denial that certainly makes this track A-class!
I’m gonna hate you, I’m gonna fuck you, I’m gonna suck you! does the eerie voice goes..
I’m sure he means every word of it, so better make this review into a positive one. 🙂

Industrial, alternative electronic power rock fans certainly will enjoy this EP,
and if not, you now know who is going to cut you into pieces..
download this free EP over here:

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