Ryuno – brynhildr

artist: Ryuno
title: brynhildr
cat: DC067
format: 128 kbps mp3
keywords: 8bit metal,chiptune, heavy metal, electronic
label: Dramacore www.dramacore.com

Move the tables, the chairs to the side or just choke them out of the window! Just to make some space for the following spastic attack your body will have while listening to the first fun loving tune on this very nice release, released back in the days (2008) on the quality netlabel with an anarchistic attitude ;Dramacore Records. The first tune is what i already managed to squeak out with words: pretty fun and energetic! A modern old school retro fix that is more punk than all these empty headed pimple faced guitar hero’s from the punk area. Well of course i mean the sound of this tune, i bet Ryuno doesn’t wear spike jackets, spiky hair and veins full of heroin… But who knows? The blast of melodic energy is called “brynhildr -the valkyrie remains” and is for sure a party pleaser!

Did you moved the tables and chairs as i asked you? Perhaps if they are still standing there, it would be now the right time to take a hammer, a chainsaw or whatever you have laying around to destroy all the furniture with track 2 of this release blasting hard on the background. Kick the walls in, throw left over paint buckets all over the floor, the walls that are still standing and be creative! of course it isn’t totally necessary to do this while listening to “near deaf experience ~instrumental version”, but it just might make the track even more enjoyable than it already is!

If you have never heard anything like 8bit metal than you might actually encounter a heart attack of joy while listening to the ‘Kalanos [Rashid MIX] b-type’, which is a totally in your face demonstration how awesome this invented genre is!
In your face riffs, melodic violence and a soft sweet touch of erotic game sounds! This is as energetic as energetic can be!

“It ends tonight’ is a warm moment of peaceful feel good music. Ryuno delivers a cute energetic track that shows a loving side with lovable melodies, baselines and just plain goodness. Perhaps it is time to lay down in the demolished house and take some time to think what we just have done, and if it is possible to redecorate it in a different way?
Or just grab someone you love and throw some kisses in the scene?
The options are endless, but whatever you are doing the music that Ryuno supplies is good material!

After the sensible thoughts and the love making on the destroyed floor it is time to step up to the beat for a fine weirdo dance party! Kick the trash aside, and do some high kicks while your at it! Let “dystopia ~chaotic realm” shake up the floor and dance like a mad maniac or however you want to dance to it!

The last track of this in your face mental fest got an interesting title. “life’s a Visual Novel” it is called and is basically the perfect track to enjoy the new looks of your apartment/room/house whatever you have destroyed while listening to this release. (perhaps someone else their room,house,etc?) .. A happy feel good moment of just one minute and seventeen seconds, but trust me it is a real relieve after all the demolishing, redecorating, dancing and other activities that this release has stimulated. Get this source of energy at the following link:

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