Mas&Delayer – Northern Line Dreamin' EP (DLR023)

Where are we headed? Let's consult the map... ah, yes, it says we're heading due South to Morden Underground from High Barnet tube station. Why? No idea. Maybe there was just nothing better to do on a Tuesday Afternoon?

Artist: Mas&Delayer
Title: Northern Line Dreamin’ EP
Label: Deep Lake Records
Cat#: DLR023
Keywords: Electronic, Chillout
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

We’ve received another wonderful request, this time for an album by Italian artist Mas&Delayer. It’s titled Northern Line Dreamin’ EP and was recently released on Deep Lake Records. If you’re feeling an over-specific craving come over you for two short tracks of surprisingly fresh chillout electronic music, this is where you’ll want to go for sure… I’m really enjoying it right now, myself. I always wonder about an album that calls itself an Extended Play but lasts less than 10 minutes! I’ve concluded that it makes sense though, in this album’s case, only because you’ll want to listen to it on repeat.

‘Side A’ begins with a deep, reverberating lobit sound… it’s like a hazy organ. A low bassy kick tone comes in, as do some harmonic bass frequencies. We’re treated to some static rustling for awhile, then the groove gets a bit more flesh with the addition of hats and a rim. There’s a cut of vocal, and I’m loving it so far. I find it reminds me a little of Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works. A lot of the synth sounds are very dreamy, fuzzy, filtered like a warm memory. There are bird sounds toward the end, as if the world’s flora is blossoming once more from out of a season of frost.

‘Side B’ both continues and concludes our travels through blissful ambience. Textured synth chords satisfy your senses. The groove on this one is nice, consisting of bass and conga. I really love the echoing percussive noises that add movement and sound like doppler radar or submerging ships. Now I am seeing that we are traveling underground, through lit tunnel systems. Neon signage and adverts pass us by at speeds that render them inert, ineffective, except as mere abstract urbanesque scenery we are only vaguely aware of, taking them in as a mood in that way that we would take in at once all the grass and the sun and the air on a nice Summer day. When stepping back, the collective intents of so many advertisements, marquees, commercials to grab your attentions fail radically; holistically they lend themselves to a greater, more broad way of looking at mankind. Nothing more.

Ah, I think we’ve made our stop! It was such a short trip, but a lot of wonderful shades of meaning and feeling for it’s run. I would highly recommend getting it, which you can easily do at the link ahead:

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