Mabafu – Little Boy

artist: Mabafu
Title: Little Boy
keywords: dub, lounge, funk, soul, ska, pop
label: Blocksonic

After a long day of hanging around in a Babylon system, it is nice to come home and relax with fine music. One of these perfect tracks that does its best to calm you down with good vibes is one made by the talented Mabafu. It is called ‘Danger In Dependency” and features the wonderful clear voice of  Alena Sola.
Mabafu managed to make a light weight track that contains a soul of quality dub music, with (thanks to Alena Sola) a relaxing trip hop kind of vibe. Nothing gets dark, as these two seem to be bright and positive.
The music wobbles you in a relaxing state where your thinking capacities cam be reduced too “zero’. If you are not high enough from the smog you have been inhaling, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to light up a spliff and enjoy this track even a little more!

Perhaps i shouldn’t have started with the second track in this review, but i was a bit stiff and needed a musical massage and some relaxing moments before going to the first track on this release. This track needs your muscles lose and flexible as it contains a happy track that is made to hop around on. The vocals are yet again by Alena Solez but for some strange reason it feels as her voice feels more comfortable singing this tune than the “danger in dependency” one. The music almost got a feeling of ska revival and delivers good and vibrant vibes to dance too.

After listening to track one, I’m diving straight into track 3 which makes music wise somehow sense.
This is a very enjoyable and bright tune that simply brings good vibrations in a high quality. The vocals on this feel good anthem are deliciously supplied by  Knixx, and the combination of his honest bright voice and the warm loving music will shoot all your worries into oblivion!

It would probably make better sense for the awkwardness of this review to skip to the last track of this release and end with describing the tune before that one. But to make it even more confusing i thought it would be a good thing to follow the original playing order for once.
This means that “So Much More’ is being played in the headquarters of YIKIS. It got a more soulful pop feeling than the other material on this release, which suits the voice of Alena Sola in a comfortable way. personally i prefer the other tunes though as it feels more original and fun. But if we look at this release as a  showcase of what the talented Mabafu can do musicwise, it definitely proofs the producer its quality’s that would perfectly digestible in a more commercial environment.

To celebrate this delicious fact of listening to the music of a talented producer and a golden voice for absolutely free, they have brought out a lovely track called “All I Need’.
This is perhaps my personal favorite on this release as this track purely concentrates on a happy go lucky anthem.  good vibes are definitely here to stay with this lovable tune!
The music is sweet, happy, bright and   this is infectious to your own state of mind. This is pure Quality music, people, don’t you miss it!

And last but certainly not least a lovely track of music to swank to. This is Mabafu freed from the burden of song structures and is probably the funkiest track on the release that is an joyful celebration of freedom!  ska, reggae, funk & dub have to move over, as Mabafu music rules it all in a festive style!

It is unbelievable that the talented producer and featured talents have decided to give this wonderful record for free as this record sound absolutely of a great studio quality.
Perhaps this record is a great argument for anyone who believes that quality music should be payed for. Let Mabafu make your day and download, distribute and spread this nice release of feel good music around the globe! Get it at the link below:

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