R. Lobster – Particles

Artist: R. Lobster
title: Particles
cat: Siro587
format: 160 kbps mp3
keywords: drum n base, jungle, other
label: Sirona Records

It feels like time travel has brought us to a place where classical breaks of dreamy drum n base where fresh and state of the art. The track that listens to the name ‘Seismology’ is bringing fantasy and mellowness in a fun and upbeat format. Even though the track is just released, there is a nice remembering glow of heydays of ninety space raves. Lovely synth melodies full of warmth and the beat that rumbles on and on to bring us to a state of pure delight.

The second track is ‘I Can’t Feel Me’ and it still delivers the sound of good old memory lane.
It is the summer style melodic sequence that brings instant sunshine, while a more modern electro hyper beat brings next to good vibes, also the perfect energy to be all smiley about.
The music is perhaps minimal, but it is also plain perfect. Nothing to complain as it delivers pure sweetness of light weight feel good energetic sweetness.
The last track starts with water fun, perhaps we are in the middle of a lovely beach adventure with the sun shining high. R. Lobster brings back the good vibes with old school drum n base that with its dreamy sweet minimal electronica is certainly a track that delivers the sound of good times. When a bubbling sexy bubble synth brings more love to the track, It makes me dream of a perfect time, a perfect summer, good music, fun, sea, sun and tequila!

With this cute 3 track release R. Lobster certainly hits a consistent sound of perfectionism.
Perhaps the music is very light, but that also makes it very enjoyable and good company for basically all your activity’s that needs some dreamy energy.  It reminds me of other times, but I have to say that yet again I don’t think I ever heard dreamy feel good drum n base based music like this before. Just feel good, invent a sun if it is hiding on your part of the planet and don’t worry be happy while this record spins its vibes…
Download it here:

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