ALEX 14 – Cadet School

Artist: ALEX 14
title: Cadet School
format: high quality MP3 / FLAC
keywords: , jazz, soul, cool music, trip-hop, sampling, etc
label: SP netD

I have personally never heard of an artist called Alex 14,
neither do I have any experience as a cadet or any other form of army stuff.
Perhaps this is why I’m terribly interested in what ‘Cadet School’ of ALEX 14 is all about, and most importantly how it all sounds. So if you are just as curious as me, please direct yourself to the link at the bottom of this review, or simply read along until you reached that point yourself.

The first track is called ‘First UP’  and is asking some questions about why we are here.. perhaps it is asked to the new cadet  who obviously just  joined the cadet school.  The music is pretty, lo-fi and got a nice authentic groove and feel to it.

With ‘The New Kid’ the story basically continues with similar vibes, questions are asked to the cadet while cool music brings a mood of boyish growth and flair.

Track 3 highlights the tension between the teacher and the young cadet who was caught smoking.
The old fart threatens the kid that he could not mess with him as he would shoot him in his head from behind.  What the guy obviously doesn’t here is the music we are hearing. Perhaps all the music in this release is channeled through the minds of the cadets, and in this track specially we hear in the music that the young teenager doesn’t really give a flying f*ck that he got cought smoking a cigarette. And he is damn right!

‘With ‘One Peep…And We Start Over’ the music gets a breeze of coolness. The groove, the perfect sounds that are powerful and laid back at the same time, are a great combination of the macho talk of the older guy giving the orders.

With track 5 we might encounter the bad side of what happens at the cadet school. And probably this kind of harassment by the older guy who orders to ‘face the wall’ and ‘you know the routine’ while (I presume) beating the guy with a bat, or shooting with a paint gun? Or whatever it is this guy is doing, it hurts like freaking hell. The cadet is screaming in despair and in pain. The only great thing of this recording of torture at the Cadet School is that it fits perfect within the great music of ALEX 14.  The music of ‘Please Stop!….You’re Hurting Me’ makes even torture into a pleasant experience,
just the laidback guitar, the nice groove. I can understand that if someone ever got through such an experience, this music will make it all bearable.

The training is still going on, but in ‘You Will Learn’ its all about the teachings of a boy and his momma.  It feels like a forbidden fruit kind of track where motherly love and sexuality seems to be mixed up. Perhaps it is the great pornographic vibe in the music here, that makes it all seem to be sexual.

‘Doing My Time’ is a really nice track that mixes mixed feelings of ‘getting through’ and ‘a darker undertone of why the hell’. The music is like old school movies and contains drama and power.

The 8th track of this album is ‘Guards On Duty’ and is a sensible track that makes it seems that being a guard on duty is a very pleasant experience of freedom. Piano is vibrating in the air, sweet drums are bringing dreams to escape in.

‘Stay Silent’ is a slow track that brings family chatter. A worried mother and father talks to their darling and like all the family business, it always ends up with the mother in tears.

The music is excellent in each and every track that is been played before, and the same counts for ‘Thank About Your Mother’. A good advice is whispered in the boy’s ears while feel good music is creating an almost comical vibe to the seriousness of the fathers words.

Track 11 is ‘SomeWhat Funny’ is a wonderful track that is a delicious mix of music, where laughing seems to be actually musical instruments, as well as opera, a flute and what’s not. Really nice work!

With ‘Tripped In The Shower’ I feel like we are back to the Cadet School’ and the music is filled with a tough flair and feel good strangeness. A solid showering session has never sounded so cool!

EVERYthing brings a delicious soul mix up of a famous track, that sounds smokingly hot.
ALEX 14 is probably my first encounter with plunder phonics of such an high listenable and joy factor. It is the perfect time to light up something to smoke, relax & let the music do the rest.

With Daddy’s Friend we hear a calming piece of music that is very enjoyable. Weaved in to this we hear a conversation with a boy and (it might be) Pedo Bear.  The boy is afraid for a monster in the closet, not knowing that Daddy’s Friend could be considered a monster too.

With ‘Monsters’ we hear a violin, dramatic music and the boy begging the guy not to leave the room because of the monsters.

With the last track on this wonderful album we hear first some movements of a crackling bed,
before a feel good track of music that contains a choir that makes me believe it is the same as the one used in ‘frontier psychiatrists’. The dogs smell something at the end of the track, and it might be that they smelled the end of the album.

With 16 unique tracks that are a perfect story as a whole, this album is pretty and solid.
All tracks contain different approaches, musical styles and a delicious lo-fi sound that makes this record in a true experience. A very inspiring album if I may say so, and probably took a lot of efford and work in sampling, reorganizing and creating to get this work as epic as it sounds.
Definitely worth the minimal donation of 3 dollar or more..
My personal conclusion after enjoying this release is that i’m glad i have never been a student as a Cadet School, and YES i will now never ever forget the great musical skills of ALEX 14!
Get this 16 track (!!) album that contains all killer and no filler at the following link:

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