Swindron – Constanze EP

title: Constanze EP
cat: Vaat154
keywords: IDM
label: Vaatican Records http://gestrococlub.org/tympans.htm
Reviewer: TOM COSTA

Legitimate son of Richard D James and Tom Jenkinson, Svindron very well learnt his fathers’s lesson. Not only the feeling, but the precision, the creativity, the nostalgia. You can think that Constanz EP is made by some clean and enhanced Bogdan Raczinski’s cousin, grown on Aaron Funk’s breastmilk.

You were looking for more electronica, d’n’b’ish, dark, high-class oriented songs, you got them. You wanted more when Druqks stop played in your iPod, put that in the same playlist. Constanze EP is pure Joy. With his own identity, from an almost New-York-Jazz-Sax and Nannou-synth mix, underlaid a wicked beats from the basement, as we used to hear in our best times, Svindron will provide this Third Eye Foundation impression. We were missing from so long.

Do not expect that brostep shit we hear now. This is precise, classy, detailed, handcrafted. This is smooth and soft, bitter and acid, strong and fragile, confident but not show-off. He has the balls, the technic, the sounds, so he serves you with the weapon he have.
Don’t get me wrong, this is an underground masterpiece, not a mainstream-all-the-girls-will-shake-their-tacos-on shit. If you have that-side-of Warp background, you will understand every layer, and enjoy like in the old days. Better put that molly on that girl’s drink, and go for that magic feeling we all grown with.

for this release : http://gestrococlub.org/Svindron1.htm

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1 Response to Swindron – Constanze EP

  1. Nano says:

    Great article ! Just a little mistake in the name of the project which is written Svindrön. By the way another EP was released for free 2 years ago on 3rd Lab and another one is soon available (may 2017)

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