PN LOBIT – Killer Clowns

artist: PN LOBIT
title: Killer Clowns
cat: SPTOtfSP007
format: free download / floppy
keywords: killer music, killer clown music, electronica, mash up, experimental
label: SPTOtfSP

Excuses if this review is just going to be full of words written by a headless chicken. My lamest excuse is that ‘Yeah I Know It Sucks’ was down for almost 2 days, and it left me stranded in an anxious state of mind. Just the fact that we never do a backup on all these reviews we wrote here made the feeling of excitement that everything was lost and down the drain, or that  it would pop up again in its original state a bit overwhelming. Basically to be honest i felt like that junkie in trainspotting, at the part when he is watching the baby crawling on the ceiling.. Anyway enough chit chit as a starter, lets chit chat some more!

What do we know about clowns? Not the ones called politicians who wear suits and ties, but the ones with excessive makeup, large shoes, awful looking hair and most often a taste for colorful clothes that gives you headache while trying to look at it. Well of course there is (in my knowledge) in this group, many sub clown cultures. We have clinic clowns who clown about in hospitals, the pantomime clowns who managed to be the laughing stock of the clown world because their lack of words at the yearly clown Bilderberg meeting.
Than you have the once who are obsessed with balloons, falling over in strange slap stick ways that makes the crew from jackass look like hero’s..
Than you have murderous clowns like the clown killers, sci fi space killer clowns and that IT kind of clown who hangs around in sewers. Either way the line between fun and entertainment is a thin line with fear and murder.

It probably got something to do with the fact that most clowns are particularly interested in entertaining the young children. Of course there are plenty of clowns who are good at heart and kind souls, but a logical thought is that behind some of them who wear an excessive mask of makeup could be the face hiding of a pedophile predator. It just seems the perfect disguise for these kind of creatures as it makes contact with their prey very easy for the children who are easily fooled. Your mother always warned you not to take candy from strangers, but a clown is not an actual stranger is it?
To have a proposal to hold an Popsicle of a dirty old guy or a funny looking weirdo in an over-sized costume may seem dodgy from the first one, but from a clown it kind of seems more legit. Getting raped by an old dirty guy doesn’t seem fun, but getting jiggly with someone that’s clearly a joker seems more acceptable.

Anyway good or bad, i mistrust any clown. What did go wrong in someone’s life wanting to be a clown? What on earth are these people thinking? wearing a mask, a red nose and a wig doesn’t make you funny, it just makes you look out of place. A cheap way to be the center of attention is what I think. Unlike writing a blog full of chit chat and mind rumblings about everything accept the actual deed of writing a review. That is of course not a case of attention seeking, but a lack of people to talk to in normal day life, being mashed up in the head and tired from sight seeing in hospitals… Sorry dear readers, i will try to stay focused!

When i first got a hold of the release of PN LOBIT i thought that it was a blessing, a savior to finally get rid of all these clowns. A secret killer weapon set to kill this cheeky group of dressed-up fruitcakes.
But i was wrong as this floppysized record was not a A Team out to kill clowns, it is a notable musical praise for Clowns who Kill! (and a bit of a warning too!)

In this mess of words i was chatting a while ago about The Killer Clowns, One famous one was a frustrated well loved person in society and a frequent clown at birthday party’s and killed young boys in his spare time. Not so much of a laughing matter if you’d ask me, and perhaps next to all my personal paranoia, a really good reason to never take a clown too seriously and certainly handle them with suspicion.

This killer clown seems to fill up the front cover of this release with a smile on his face that should have rang alarm bells of parents who had trusted their youngsters with it. This chilling grin sets the perfect trend for the two tracks that are hidden behind this cover. Wicked music, i tell you! So wicked it will gain your respect and potentially intrigues the listener in the world of Killer Clowns.
Perhaps even so much so that it suddenly looks okay to be a killer clown, that their rarity should be abandoned and the call for make up and blood should be answered! Perhaps this music is the biggest mindfuck of them all, as I suddenly feel like praising the awful deeds of the killer clowns, wanting to go to the fun store and be one of them ! How much fun we can have, blowing balloons, chopping people up, inhaling laughing gas, breaking arms etc!
And if we do a great job, perhaps one day someone like PN-LOBIT will make incredible good music to praise our evil deeds & if very lucky our awesome looking clown face will shine on the front cover!

Well perhaps it is too extreme to join the killer clowns,
but to get a right feel and a vibe of the insanity of their minds and the world they are living in, the artist has perfectly captured it all!
The music is absolutely great, mad, insane, brilliant and clownish and probably so bombastic that i can guarantee that your ears and brain will malfunction from amazement, possibly triggering the same mindfuck i just had a couple of sentences before. Even though being a killer clown may seem a lot of fun, it is also a something of a calling. Not everyone can be one, as it will take a long way of hardcore clown training and you need the lack of human feelings in order to take the psychopath side seriously. So basically for the clown wannabe’s who want to take a sneak peak close enough without getting into trouble of the killer clown world, and crime profilers who wants to learn something about these colorful characters, this release is absolute a must have!
Get it over here (if you dare!)

p.s. if you are annoyed by this lame review, please do wear a clown costume before slicing me up in little pieces. Thank you ❤

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