Pumpking – Nightmare B-sides

artist: Pumpking
title: Nightmare B-Sides
cat: Siro273
keywords: house, dubstep
label: Sirona Records www.sirona-records.com

The first track on this short release is an original track by Pumpking called “The Reaperafter a string of love”.
This work starts when a pounding club beat kicks in. The bold mix comes to a halt when an electronic happy go lucky sequence comes in. Soon the happy scene is joined again with the bold beat for a fine moment. Halfway down the line the electronic happy melody has left us again and the music hints at dubstep. This doesn’t take so long and before my ears know exactly what have happened, the happy to the point dance music is back until the track ends. It feels like some kind of experiment where club house, has a blind date with dubstep and electro.

The second track is by Fluorescent and is a remix by Pumpking of the tune called “Jazz Drop”.
I am not familiar with the original work and to be honest i think this remix keeps me busy enough to be bothered. The track keeps up with the experiment by melting a couple of dance oddities together. We hear elements of club music, dubstep, House and mellow dance music.
It makes it hard for me to actually write some interesting words about it as my brain is having a hard time to understand what it exactly is what my ears are hearing. As an experiment it seems to work pretty well, and I’m all for genre-less explorations of sound, but i feel it could have been more memorable or together what this music concerned.
Anyway perhaps it just has to grow on me and the new direction of mashing up dance music, I bet in a couple of years this would be the future in club land.
Perhaps you can check it out for yourself at the link below:

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