Rainbow Valley – Antisolar

artist: Rainbow Valley
title: Antisolar
cat: Siro241
keywords: extreme lobit, ambient
label: Sirona Records www.sirona-records.com

Rainbow Valley brings the sounds of another universe, a place where calm beauty’s go hand in hand with surroundings full of love. Within this wonderful release he takes our ears to this wonderful world with angelic strings, calmly captivating all your senses in a satisfying glow of light. The music is not completely sunny, but let the rays of goodness shine through in a pleasant and lovely way.

Rainbow Valley creates the sound of lobit heaven and does it with such a originality and kindness that it almost feels like a walk in a soul of a pure person. Halfway the listening session the motion of angelic music gets stronger and more and more heavenly. The brightness warms up your inside and will sooth your pains and worries with a concentration of pure love. This is definitely the music to dream away with and is a perfect way to go on a wonderful hike and discover the beautiful realm of Rainbow Valley.

Every time my ears hear this music, I feel deeper in love with it. It is just so magical and wonderfully calming, Rainbow Valley is the best possible project out there who captures music from a good soul and manage to convert it in a sincere listening sensation. What is there not to love of pure love in audio format?

A recommendation for anyone with a soul in need for a beautiful experience of heavenly music.
Be sure to get it over here:

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