Sven Meyer – Yellow Snow EP 2

artist: Sven Meyer
title: Yellow Snow EP 2
cat: Siro593
format: 320 kbps mp3
keywords: IDM, Experimental, Glitch, Broken Beat
label: Sirona Records

Just forget everything you have heard before, stop thinking of normal daily situations and let the visual parts of the brain take over while listening to the latest free release of the talented Sven Meyer. When you listen carefully to the first track (birth of the yellow snow) of this release you will encounter roller-skating elephants, baboons chilling out while fairly over-sized musical ants are dragging metallic breakbeats over the floor. A penthouse model with a giant Afro haircut swings her buttocks while some of the smaller elephants manages to skate between her legs. She is equipped with an old fashion Motown soul and attempting to sing in an middle aged microphone. In the mean time electrified rabbits are playing a fair game of basketball with a rubber ball… If this is the factory where yellow snow is made, it is definitely much more fun sounding  than the sounds of the Umpa loom pa’s in Charlie’s chocolate factory.

The next track is full of familiar sounds as it could have been recorded in the head office of Yeah I Know It Sucks. It is called Review Of The Yellow Snow  and sounds like a regular sane work day. Good music has thrilled our ears before and this time it is the building of Yeah I Know It Sucks that is shaking and swinging on the ultimate reviewers work friendly music by Sven Meyer. We hear our our casually dressed Flamingo doing the digital dishes while our house mixer DJ Johny opens up the volume of the latest Sirona release. Sven Meyer drums a delicious funky beat and everybody seems to be loving it. The phone rings and the secretary receives a call of Alex Spalding who takes the day off for a strange sickness and to cuddle up with his misses. We miss him and his personality on the work floor but good people as we are, the big boss of Yeah I Know It Sucks gives him a well deserved payed vacation! After all the whole team voted him as employee of the year, so enough reason to celebrate and let it all hang loose! The volume of the funky music goes up again and the rolling beat mixed with the awesome raw sounding base guitar sets all the employees dancing! Sven Meyer has done it again, we shout together happily! We blow up balloons, hang up  festive decorations, while our unpaid student sits in a corner writing a great review for Yellow Snow EP 2!

Meanwhile when the whole office is having a great party, Alex Spalding has a encounter with the sickness of the yellow snow. Perhaps he was infected by his virtual trip to the country of Germany, where politicians have been widely known for their unhygienic appearances and not putting their hand close to their mouth before talking. All the bacteria hidden under their tongue’s just go on the lose, and through sewers, televisions and fax machines the complete unexpected population is at  great risk for infections. The good thing is that the sickness of Yellow Snow is not your regular disease as without the political spit it is actually an very enjoyable state to be in. Effects of the sickness are epic dancing, driving in a formula 1 car, talking like a chipmunk on speed and a scruffy throat. Side effects are a perfect groove and a bad breath.

In the last track of this quality EP we finally meet the Son of the Yellow Snow. He arrives by car in seemingly wet weather. The window wiper squeaks on the wet glass and the air is filled with a friendly voice reminding us where making good music, writing reviews, the use of social media in the right way is basically all about. Create a bigger following, or at least spreading the word for strangers of our little existence… Sven Meyer is without doubt one of these fine experimental rhythmic music producers that always delivers a high quality in his work. But he is also very silent personality, but with a great following on things like soundcloud and here at the Yeah I Know It Sucks office. It is all about the music, the quality and the originality that makes the music of mister Meyer so enjoyable and above that, so super visual.
There is something about this Yellow Snow thing that just keeps captivating the imagination, and without doubt the psychedelic artwork tells a lot about the intentions of this release itself. With the second chapter of Yellow Snow EP  i feel as Sven Meyer hypnotized us into a strange but fun looking world, that even though it may be an weird place, it is also a very familiar homely one. Great entertainment for everyone who likes 4 dimensional, rhythmic visual music! get it over here and enjoy!

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