Ech(o) & Swin Deorin – This Has Nothing To Do With Anything

artists: Ech(o) & Swin Deorin
title: This Has Nothing To Do With Anything
cat: Siro592
keywords: ambient,drone,field recording, electronica, IDM,spoken word
label: Sirona Records

The list of requested reviews are piling up and it doesn’t seem to be fair for some late coming ones to make them go to the slaughter first.
But well that’s life, sometimes things are just not completely fair, but no worry’s if your music is in the Que. as there is a big chance your requested review will pop up one of these days.
In the meantime hang with us and read along while we are going to explore a successful split between two colorful artists. Swin Deorin and Ech(o)  made each track without hearing the music from the other. This is perhaps in normal circumstances a concept that is asking for trouble, but in this case it worked out amazingly well!

A mind wanders around in a world of feelings. In the first track by Ech(o) we hear a stark contrast of them. One side is the joy of a mother looking at her child having a great time on the beach, free from worry’s and happily enjoying the innocent time of childhood. The other side that lurks around in this light sentimental track is a undertone of a will for change and the sweet call for adventure. The way the music is mixed with the real life soundrecordings that fade in and out and the light melody combined with the tone of slight confusion, makes it almost a battle among feelings. The love for the children is endless and the outcome results in making an interesting music piece that even though the title of this split is “This Has Nothing To Do With Anything”, i feel that this is just a masquerade to make the exposure of Ech(o) ‘s soul not a dangerous one. If Sirona Records main task is to release sincere music, than it has definitely a great catch with adding this artist to their roster.

The next track will silence you as Ech(o) invites you to visit memory lane. We hear the cute sound of a music box before a realm of synthetic layers create a calm zone to think about things that happened in the past, or even last week (depending on the functionality of your memory). This journey will flow around like a river and Ech(o) will guide you safely to where this all started.

Without hearing each others track before releasing it, it is amazingly well how the following track by Swin Deorin fits perfectly with the mood Ech(o) created. With “safe place’ i feel like curling up in a small corner in the house, preferable under a chair and out of sight. Listening to this track i visualize the artist walking aimlessly around in his own house with closed dusty curtains to protect himself from the outside world. The music has a certain depth to it that fills my heart with a somehow strange acceptance of sadness. Perhaps i’m hearing it all wrong and is it just my own state of mind that is confusing me, after all this has nothing to do with anything..

Sharing Some Yesterday is the name of a track where we hear ech(o) showing a new direction. She puts important history behind her and shares the incredible story  of what happened and how liberating it was to find the sometimes difficult road to freedom back again. The piano melodies that come along with the personal story are chords of freedom, acceptance and feel good power. Ech(o) is an exceptional artist who manages to shine a positive light by story telling and i personally hope that other people will find the same courage & knowledge as what Ech(o) has shared in her music. Respect!

Rubbing My Back On The Corner Of Anything is a track by Swin Deorin that exist of a laid back funky rhythm by possible kitchen utilities and deep hollow layers of droned ambience. This tune brings some  peace to the household or at least some relief from the itchy back of Swin Deorin.

If you thought you heard it all Ech(o) comes back with an amazing electronic goth track that sounds like the perfect love music for exchanging kisses between morticia addams and gomez addams.
Through and through romantic, yet so sinister that it almost feels like it is putting up a spell on everyone who listens to this track. Where can we send our jewelry, golden rings, watches and collections of red roses?

Hidden under a manly name of “Make Up Your Own Damn Name For This Song” is track 7, kindly made by Swin Deorin. The music is an amazing beauty where a dark doomed mood meets a strong will of positivity. A very original moody track that feels like a dinosaur on the rocks of musical output. A relaxed pushing beat that rolls along versus dramatic epic-ness. It is probably hard to believe it but when this track stopped playing i found myself humming along with the melody. This track just points out how amazingly well the music of Ech(o) and Swin Deorin suits each other. Pure perfection!

As Ech(o) made the intro for this release, Swin Deorin takes up the task to end it. He does this in a very original way by producing a very closeup encounter of himself and his thoughts, the things that are around to play with, the words that escape the tongue and the running sound of water into a drain. The description does not honor or come anything near the audio content and (yet again) the sincerity of it all, so let this be more reason to check out, download, share and enjoy this album with an open heart and soul.
Get it over here;

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