Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness – Old Norse Mara

Artist: Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness
title: Old Norse Mara
format: tape / mp3
keywords: experimental,ethno,lo-fi,psychedelic,tape
label: self release http://www.facebook.com/giverofillness

A Ceremonial Harvest is the intro of Old Norse Mara,
it makes me think of some dodgy figures dressed in cloths singing a song together before burning someone on their large and creepy barbeque.

The next track is a menacing piece that excites me from my toes, testicles to the hairs growing out of my nose. It is a delicious mad track that delivers an experimental vibe of evil darkness that is at the same time so much fun.  Whatever this music represents (good or evil) I will happily join them and bring my ears for spiritual guidance. A nasty guitar, abstract weirdness, vocals that seem to come from another dimension and pure haunting witch craft music! A track to play on repeat and still get flabbergasted each time you hear it.  Yes ‘Pussy Gloating The Give’ is an untraceable, indescribable piece of music that is deliciously insane, experimental and in a very strange way ‘catchy’.

It took me so long to start this review as I had to spin this album at least 666 times before. It is just so good and so full of stuff and originality that this album might be considered an escape to an secret community that are next to whatever they do in their spare time, are making seriously great music that inspires tremendously.  The next track (El Carretero) is no exception and next to their enjoyable weirdness, it also manages to dig up good times of a period where  the music of ‘moondog’ and ‘tom waits’’ was a prominent source in my life. Not that I was into that personally, but wherever I was couch surfing these fellows seems to be played aloud through the living rooms.
This track could be a love child between the always smoking man and the homeless Viking, although I’m sure that this is giving them too much credit, as AK’chamel. The Giver of Illness is probably much more evolved in an genre of their own.

The following track ‘Death Was On You From The Moment of Birth’ takes a delirious stand on slowmo psychedelica. A strange vibe is created when we hear hysterical bats flying around, a guitar that sounds like it has been under the ground for a couple of years, someone is pulling the strings that has survived the decay while zombie’s are joined together to attempt to sing, talk or make some humming points. This is pretty right up the alley for anyone who is into strange stuff that will not only freak out your neighbors, friends and pets, but is also very enjoyable and listenable.

‘Virgen del Mercedes’ starts of as a recording of an secret ceremony where our friends sing holy words that recalls in my head pictures of priests of an wiccan order. This I assume is because these lads have a good feel for rhythm, sounds and a magical setting. Afer their humble preaching song they gathered together to dance and spin around in their holy circle.  The music transforms in a pleasant party where the drummer, the guitars and all the members are doing what they feel, they scream, they roll on the floor, they fall on top of each other, they reach higher states and embrace an amazing psychedelic enlightenment that is greatly captured in this live recording.

I think I have fallen in love with this band, group, cult, masterful geniuses, punks, brilliant individuals.. Wherever their roots are from they are simply kick ass in awesomeness.. I simply love it when something unexpected happens, and with ‘Slalom’ they just pulled one giant middle finger out of their magical hat. A crazy hyperspeed happy punk-ish track that sets the room on fire! Chapeau , as this was so unexpected and so out of place that it simply kicks ass in the good way! Never take things too seriously and above all never expect the expected as it might fuck you up! Forget your head and dance around like you just don’t care!

I know musicians and artists don’t like to be called brilliant, so I will not mention that word in this review any more. It makes people uncomfortable and that is the least thing you want this band to be.  ‘Mountain Of The Sleeping Lady’ is the next tune that has captivated my ears and is a ballad of a beast walking around in the spooky fields, leaving his claw prints in the mud. The music is magical, pretty lo-fi and sets an scenic atmosphere of a dark fairytale. I have no idea what is going on exactly, but everything is making sense. A flute flutes, another layer in another dimension has opened and the music guides us in it with a precise touch of wickedness.

Unfortunately the last track on this interesting experience has doomed up. It is called ‘The Other Side Of The Dark Waters’ and perhaps the title points that we have to return back to reality soon.
Lucky the track is quit long and my ears hope to drown in this sound forever until eternity.
A rhythmic delight of a raw jam that smells of free spirits, ritualistic drum circles, chipmunks supplying tea and seemingly important conversations of Babylon are dumped away along the road next to these dark troubled waters of modern daily life.
After a while ghostly female humming vocals are putting a spell on you, to (I guess) bless you, and send you protection for whatever happens when the music will leave you to your own devices..
Did I already mention that this track is so bloody trippy, that it will leave your head spinning for a while?

This lady’s and gentle people with sausages is not just another album, another bunch of ipeople slamming on some guitars and pots and pans.. This is an experience that is unique! So unique that it will haunt you in your sleep, until you have finally clicked on this link to hear this amazing music yourself..  And do it over and over again.. Or get it on a tape, when it will be released on (hopefully) Placenta Recordings.. And if you buy all, it will probably drop for free on Sirona Records to just spread this fantastique magical music even further!
Be sure to have some time before clicking on the following link and get completely mesmerized:

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