Machinefabriek – The Hilary Jeffery Tape

Artist: Machinefabriek
title: The Hilary Jeffery Tape
format: Tape
label: Machinefabriek
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel (Blibps for the hips)

An orange C10 tape inside a cardboard packaging. Only the essentials are printed on the cassette and the packaging. The naming of the tracks isn’t very original, or is it?

When I start the cassette my ears are astonished with the fullness of the Trombone sounds. Although the first track,  Hilary, appears as a nice piece of solo Trombone it really has a lot of layers. These layers give it a drone feeling.  When it is played through headphones you’re surrounded by the Trombone.
The B side, Jeffery, has an even more droning sound with low vibrating pads.  Again the placement of the sound(s) is fantastic.

This tape is a beautiful little pearl in the sea of experimental music.Thus it gets:

5/5 blips for the hips

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