Lonesome Panda Society – ending and beginning

artist: Lonesome Panda Society
title: ending and beginning
cat: mi215
keywords: indietronica, indiepop
label: MiMi Records http://www.clubotaku.org/mimi/uk/main.php

A sunny way to start or end the day is by tuning into this cute little bedroom pop record. The first track is a very cute track that sounds like a gentle guy who wears his heart on his sleeve, armed with a guitar, a drum computer, electric warmth, a microphone and a handy loop-station.
He hasn’t got the clearest voice in the world, but his words are honest and go deliciously down with the flow of the bright minimal music. It is something not too think too much about, but is definitely sweet and adorable. Lonesome Panda Society delivers with “ending and beginning” a lovable easy going track that is obviously pure at heart.

With “hide and seek” we hear a similar approach of music. This time we hear some new involved instruments like a rasp, piano, shaker, high hat and a crash. Everything what my ears are hearing is severely cute and evolves on a lovely played guitar loop. The song itself would be perfect to play to your loved one if he/she is into “hello kitty” and browsing the web for cute pictures of cats.  I stand both guilty of these charges.

“our story” is the third track on this cute little release. The music seems to grown up a little bit more with its spanish vibe. The lovely piano and sweet rhythms go very well together with the lovely guitar. The voice is perfect here as it waves perfectly together in a cute and even interesting song structure. Really nice work and love the reversed begin and ending parts, it just gives it the extra memorable factor that wants me to hear it all over again.

The last track is called “the photograph of last summer” and is with its almost whispery  layered vocals, sweet mellow vibrations a track that smells of romance.
The cute melody that highlights certain parts goes well along the friendly guitar and drum computer.

This is i believe my first encounter with the music of the  Lonesome Panda Society, and i really feel warm, happy and relaxed after hearing this light hearted release.
It is not groundbreaking or shockingly interesting music, neither is it avant-garde or stuff to get intelligent about, but it is perfectly sweet, cute and very lovable. Something that once in a while should find a way to your stereo to just relax, smile and recharge with the love of this Lonesome Panda Society…

get your doses of easy listening at the following link:

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