Obsolète Broadcast Système – Bris de Concept

artist: Obsolète Broadcast Système
title: Bris de Concept
keywords: experimental, anti music, circuitbending, future jazz, noise
label: MAV [0kbps] Records http://mavrecords.webs.com/

What do you get when you put high voltage on an old fashioned typewriter and the person attending to type it? Well i am not sure exactly but it could have sounded like ‘Ihgt’, the first track of this conceptual release of Obsolète Broadcast Système.

The next track or experiment is called “Tor” and sounds like a circuitbent toy attempting to recreate the sounds of the electrified typewriter, but pooping out other weird sounds along the way.

What follows is “N”, which is the right vaporization of music as we know it. We hear reconstructed sounds going on a rampage in outburst of pure mania. This is what happens when you throw beer on a children’s keyboard, it not dies but starts to have the mind of an old fashioned modern freestyle jazz player!

“lti” is another session that could be described as a modern version of circuit bend electronic acid jazz. This track smokes the crack pipe and jams around like an out of control machine with a severe level of ADHD!

For the special encore the typewriter returns to the scene to join the  other playful modern day f*cked up jazz machines for some fine soft-core.
Perfect music for a Friday night at at the legendary Ronny Scott Jazz club in London, just grab yourself a couple of beers and let the machines jam until they collapse!
Wanna hear a blimp of the future, than go directly with warp 9 to the following link:

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