Various Artists – One Leg At The Time

Artists: Various
title: One Leg At The Time
keywords: electronic, noise, acoustic, pants, experimental, ambient, drone
label: SPNet

A cover containing Pants, not a sexy girl waving her ass in tiny hot pants, neither a good looking sailor in the same kind of hot pants, but an picture of an ordinary pants. This is the front side of a group of music makers that got together to celebrate, elaborate, document the whole Pants phenomenon.

It is a strange thing that feels highly underrated and yet everyone wears them at some point in their life. Perhaps you even wear pants while reading this. They come in many shapes and sizes, different materials and designs, enjoyed by all layers of society and yet i have never come across a musical compilation that high lights these wearable friends of the human kind. (beware that there are also some pants worn by animals!)

It was about time that someone puts things straight, and who could have done it better than the musical collaborators behind the SP record label? Well as everybody seems to take Pants for granted, this is probably the only record (up till now! ..we know SP is a trend-setter..) label that could have pulled this off with great respect to these specific clothing pieces. What would the world look like without Pants? Just think about it! Will everyone just wear skirts or walk around showing their bush in public? Anyway it is clear that Pants are important in our life, for females it also is a sign of victory of feminist action from the past, and for gay people pants cant be to tight!

SPNet’s Pants compilation is called ‘one leg at the time’ and is a pure celebration in all possible styles, ways and takes on of Pants. Never has there been an tribute so good and fun, focussing on each and every aspect of these things you stick your legs in. Kindly as this group of music makers are, they have made it available for free download. Which is definitely a recommendation as you will notice that when playing this compilation loudly, your pants will be all ears and start to be all new and fresh again! Even yourself as a listener will suddenly appreciate your pants again, as if you wear them for the very first time!

19 Pants tracks by artists that must ring a bell somewhere; Phantasm Nocturnes, Avs_Silvester, Bash Nova, Covolux, Body 25, Theonugraha, about.theWindow, Doomettes, Henry C.Rial, mr.Bull, Der Domestizierte Mensch, (o)thers, Toxic Chicken, mhz_, Total E.T., Joel Nobody, Pollux, Swin Deorin & Hectic Head! more than one hour Pants extravaganza !

Don’t hesitate to go down to the link below, click it and experience a unique compilation you would never, EVER expected to hear!

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