Bye-Product – Closet Generation – Single

artist: Bye-Product
title: Closet Generation – Single
cat: Siro330
keywords: Broken Beat, Samples, Experimental, Electronica
label: Sirona Records

closet generation by Bye-Product listens away as a chopped up puzzle of stolen music.
Rearranged, cut up and placed in a long vibrating track that let classics be heard in a fun loving semi dance track. The longer the track is going, the more enjoyment my ears seems to gain from it.
Perhaps not very innovative as everyone with fruity loops and the right doses of steal-able music
can perhaps produce this in a wink, but still it seems like the artist had lots of fun putting the puzzle pieces together and create this funny mix.

If rearranging and chopping up wasn’t enough, 2 remixes of the original track have been included of this ‘single’ release. The first one is the c4g Remix and the second one ‘Ensoi Remix. The first one is
a pretty remix with a fine electro beat and feel to it. We don’t like to say it, but this is cool, baby!
The chopped up samples are perfectly arranged in a enjoyable track, where a heave baseline is ruling with great attitude! A rolling flow that makes the original look a bit bleak in all its simple awesomeness.

The Ensoi remix is the other remix of this single, i have no idea what to say about it really.
THere are some breakbeat loops, there are the chopped up music pieces, and it just rolls around like a cut up track with some out of place sounding sounds. I guess i have to apologize to the artist for not smoking an entire bag of weed to fully understand the high greatness of this track. I’m sure it is brilliant, but not everyone (including me) is arrived on that level of brilliance.
Perhaps you have some good mind altering stuff to smoke and want to test this theory of mine?
Than please do follow the link below to get this release for free:

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