Shane Morris & Mystified – Epoch

artists: Shane Morris & Mystified
title: Epoch
format: CD
keywords: drone, experimental, soundscape,
label: Lotusspike
reviewer: Johan Nederpel (Blips for the Hips)

The days people didn’t exhaust the natural resources.

That is what Shane Morris and Mystified wanted
to capture in this release on lotuspike.
During the last years Thomas Park laid hands on
acoustic instruments to create really interesting drones.
As some of the drones created where already tracks on their own, Shane Morris used them to
create this pre-manned earth epoch dreamland.

The first track really lets you swim with all the creatures
who ruled the seas during the Cambrian Explosion.
Small little bells sounds create a nice under water tinkling
feeling while the layered drones thicken the track for the miles-under-water feeling.

The second track marks the beginning of amphibians crawling on
to land. A couple of sea-like sounds combined with more open sounds that
mark the beginning of the transfer from water to land.

The third track tells the story of the most severe extinction event yet to have ever occurred on
this planet.This track really brings up emotions of loss and despair. It
almost brought tears too my eyes once.

The last track marks the beginning of the time when the large dinosaurs ruled this planet.
The drones are more layered and create a sound as if a hurdle of large Sauropods cross the vast

This CD is best listened through a good set of headphones, as
their are very ingenious but subtle changes in the drones and tones used for
this outstanding CD.
As for me this release could easily be the score for the Walking with Dinosaurs TV series.

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