balloonsex – an amazing saturday morning involving sea creatures

Artist: balloonsex
title: an amazing Saturday morning involving sea creatures
cat: #05
keywords: chiptune, punk, experimental
label: Dramacore

Time goes very fast as we are having fun, so better not waste any and dive directly
into the 8 tracks findable on a golden oldie by ‘balloonsex’.

‘Seriously, I Want a Flying Car’ is a chip tune that prevails in all its seriousness.
It rolls with a fun attitude directly in L_3Ghosts, which is a friendly fun track, although frankly: just a few seconds too short. Luckily track 3 is here to safe our ears and asses. CLOPatrol is its name and is another Balloonsex track that is fun, cute and manages to lift us up in a punk-worthy track length.
There’s a Fly in My Room’ goes along in the similar line of fine to the point chip music with an attitude
A personal high light in this classic Dramacore release is ‘An Amazing Saturday Involving Sea Creatures.It starts of very friendly, almost feel-good comical. Than a delicious upbeat transforms the track in a cute happy friendly chippunk track.
Track 6 is another track is called ‘Because Of You. I Have Been Listening To Non-Stop Ragga And Speed Garage. It is an emotional track with frustrated beats simple song structure and something to purely be thankful about. The seventh track title describes the music and attitude of this whole release up better than I could possibly do. ‘You Are About As Hardcore As The Starbucks In Your Hand’ is the title. And perhaps is more about the crazy society we are living in, than anything else. But to my ears it just seems to be a lot of silly fun Fun FUN! The last fun track that smells of punk with the guitars and smelly armpits replaced by chiptunes and pixels is called ‘Our Encino Man Search’ , and goes by in a blib, but every second is pure madly fun to dance on!

get your 6+ minutes of pure Balloonsex over here:

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