Hi! – 23:32

Artist: Hi!
title: 23:32
cat: norbu17

keywords: hi! Higher! Heights!
label: Norbu http://soundcloud.com/norbu

With an introduction in writing that goes like this:

‘Hello, my name is Hi, there are 23 flowers in my room and 32 bees in front of my window.’

We from Yeah I Know It Sucks are intrigued. Even more happily surprised when the music of ‘Hi’ is in the genre of ‘excellent’. The openings track ‘So Many Beautiful Colors’ is a masterful track that is made to enjoy your psychedelica medications on. Think a wonderful flow of baseline movements, spacious sounds and an intelligent and above all excellent groove that will guide you to another dimension!
I don’t know why exactly (as I hate that old bald music stealing tea drinking sound of Moby), but there is something within the trippy strings that reminds me of the dude his hits in the past, but then again it would be sick to give you the wrong impression as this music is definitely not made with a fine cup of tea in mind. Neither does this music got anything to do with Moby, unless he was totally high and changed his name into ‘Hi’, and finally starting to release good and alternative electronic trip music to the world!

I feel like washing my mouth with soap, but lucky there is more music that captivates my ears before I start to blow out bubbles. With ‘would pollinate the shit out of it’ Hi makes us feel higher than high!
At least we know that the artist name is a wise choice as it describes the music perfectly. It is hard to focus to write an review of the excellent music that is playing on the speakers, as I’m just dancing, bouncing my head, moving my hops, my blobs and swing my hands high up the air.
It must be the great groove, the kick ass quality of good sound production and the fun of funkiness, that has infiltrated in this track. The track is so good that I almost forgot that I’m incredibly sober at the moment. Imagine smoking a huge bong, how much more enjoyable this record will be?
It must be mind blowing!
The next track (for queen and colony) is made for when you have reached the level of highness that you want to chill out and look at the moving flowers on the wallpaper. Puff some more and enjoy the softness of pillows, sheets and cats on laps. The music is deep, relaxing like it is a massage for the brain of pure THC in music format!

With ‘fuck off Hi!’ , Hi starts to go a little bit more crazy. It must be the level of highness when things go a little out of control. But even though this maybe the case it seems that even though ‘Hi’ is far out there, the music stays in a reliable control of sick trippy-ness. Think original grooves, strange rhythms, and a crash here and there to highlight things.  Think perfect music for these ‘special’ right moments!

What follows up is a fine track with the name ‘is it all worth it’. The music answers the questionable title with a big ‘YES’! Some light weigth fingersnipping, old school funk redone in a sexy and sweet feel good track to over think deeds, chat about life and do a funny dance along the way.
We love you ‘Hi’! And thank you for this pleasant music!

Sorry, I don’t know where that came from. So highly unprofessional of me, as I don’t know this artist,
but hearing this music it makes you feel close to ‘Hi’. Hi becomes your friend, and his music should be enjoyed by other friends of you too. It is just something that should spread around to stoner living room parties all over the world. And it will, if the right target is not too high too find this release, of course.. With these last words I will make an end of this review. There is of course another track to explore on this release, and trust me it is a pleasant one, I just feel that the time is ready to just go to the link at the bottom and download ‘Hi’ before you got too high to do so..
p.s. Trust me ‘Hi!’ is a good High!

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