origami repetika – little bumble

Artist: Origami Repetika
Title: Little Bumble
keywords: feel good music, chiptune, pop, melodic, synthpop, electronic, children’s music
label: Happy Puppy Records http://members.shaw.ca/happypuppyrecords/

what do we need these days the most? Music to smile and be happy about!
The talented electronica producer ‘Origami Repetika’ has created a wonderful source of bright smiling happiness with his newest release on the ‘Happy Puppy Netlabel’.
We from Yeah I Know It Sucks simply love each and every sound of all the cute little tracks on ‘little bumble’, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that it makes all the puppy’s in the world smile!
In fact these lovely and sweet well-made tunes are pure family material,
perfectly playable for children, adults, the elderly and whoever is in need for love in an music format.

This is the sweetest thing that is as bubbly like a happy bumble bee in a garden of beautiful smelly flowers. Each and every track is a pleasure of feel good material and perfectly entertaining.
Quality music with the lovely sounds of chiptunes, samples and just plain great melodies that are memorable, fun and just make every bad day into a good one!

The highlight is definitely the ‘mighty lilbumble bee’ track that even contains some sweet singing,
and generates an happy uplifting feeling that will do its best to make everything happy, bright and weightless! Fly away, smile and get this lovely cute little EP over here:

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