SaneFiftyFOur – Ivey EP

artist: SaneFiftyFour
title: Ivey EP
cat: shkart028
keywords:drone, harmonics, symphonics
label: Shkart

Sanefiftyfour is an experimental musician/producer in Kansas, USA, and a member of the Trick’s Adventure troupe of engineers/theoreticians in Kansas City. Other music, solo works and collaborations with other artists, can be found on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Vibedeck.

In this release each piece is a kind of homage to mid-twentieth-century composition technique filtered through electronic textures and DAW/sampling technologies. In the first two pieces, improvised and composed MIDI is sped up to the point approaching a microsound texture. At high speeds, the sense of harmonic progression is undermined. The latter two pieces are more or less direct renderings of improvisation and melodic variation on DAW samplers.

Above was the official description that came with the free netlabel release.
Continue the words to follow a step by step breakdown of this EP in our very own easy to understand words and phrases & read what it really is all about:

This release opens with an contemporary modern classical composition called ‘fast sound’ with digitalized strings that reconstruct panicky sounds that listens away like a soundtrack for a strange story, where everything happens very quickly. Not your average music composition as it feels like the classical music composer is highly addicted to crack.

The experimental composition Deux retro that follows up is more to my ears liking. A mysterious work that contains classical sounds that creates an magical place. High sounds, melancholia and a flow of a river that is alive and bubbly.

Improvo Kontakt is A nice work of experimental classical music. It sparkles and feels like listening to the soundtrack of a modern ballet group, dancing in tutu’s and expressing themselves in original motions. The piece on its own seems to be a very bright one, something that makes me think of sunshine in autumn.

The last track of this release is a pipe organ improvisation. It got the same flow as the first track on this release, which is hyper and active. As an artist i must say that there is a lot of fun in improvisations, and it definitely means a ‘free’ set of mind to do it good and lose. Still it makes me think of an organ player on crack, but I’m sure a crackhead wouldn’t be found dead on an organ and would probably jump out of the window if this music came out.

So yes, not that my opinion counts, but sometimes we have to keep up with the concept of the whole review thing..
Now is perhaps the time to come to the conclusion and spin some final thoughts on this release.
For a start it is the first release that my ears came across in this contemporary experimental classical composition genre, which makes it very unique in my world. It seems that this kind of music doesn’t seem to have a proper output in netlabel land. Or perhaps I just managed to browse around it?
Anyway unique and free as it is, it is not something I personally would put on, as the hyperspeed experiments where giving me a bit of a stressful feeling. But if you are into experimental breakcore you might want to redefine your musical directions once in a while. For an experimental point of view it is sure something to check out…
Dive into the sane mind of SaneFiftyFour and his compositions over here:

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