The Hairy Giant – Poignant EP

Artist: The Hairy Giant
title: Poignant EP
cat: GT598
keywords: IDM, experimental,lobit
format: 32 kbps stereo
label: Genetic Trance

The Hairy Giant is a giant among hairy giants, with its name that is memorable,
the giant always puts out music that is very personal and enjoyable. Known in my world for the contagious music productions in a fine lobit rate, we are glad that also this release is keeping the bitrate below the regular standard. Of course the ears are eager to hear this new release on the Genetic Trance netlabel, so let’s go for it!

The first track made our face looks like a smiley face with the use of the ‘D’. It is called ‘I Accidentally Swallowed Myself’ and is a catchy underground track that simply stands out in giant epicness.
Strange animalistic noises that could be dogs barking in a kennel, a great irresistible flop beat and a to the point synth creates the basis for a perfect lobit pop song. Which the Hairy Giant completely delivers in this fantastic fun loving song, that in all seriousness excites me!

Than it is time for ‘That Is A Dead Clam’ which is an experimental track that contains cute melodies of wobbly funk, a lot of hiss and a warm loving feeling of everything what we are hearing combined.
The lobit encoding, the lo-fi approach, the cute crackling noises and electronic madness that takes an acoustic track into oblivion with great delight, is just something that is a true inspiration for anyone that dribbles in experimental music.

The same could be sad for ‘Cherry Cream Cheese Brownies’, a very cute tune that feels like a warm recording of lovely light weight piano melodies, manipulated by a mad genius. It keeps cute and friendly and feels a bit like watching an old cartoon while under the influence of LSD. Lovely and warm and truly enjoyable.

The last track of this output is ‘Jukebox Glitcherrific!’ which is basically completely described in the title. A somehow advertisement and notes to remember that ‘freedom is music and that music is freedom. The Hairy Giant throws a coin in the Glitch Jukebox and let the words come out in a powerful fun version!

The Hairy Giant proofs yet again of its entertaining quality’s, its experimental works shows no boundaries and to me The Hairy Giants sounds like more fun than ever!
Get this short release of experimental music over here:

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