Alextron – Boys Don't Cry (None)

No, this isn't actually the album art for Boys Dont Cry by Alextron. I just felt it looked a bit empty up here without some kind of placeholder.

Artist: Alextron
Title: Boys Don’t Cry
Label: Floppy Swop
Cat#: None
Keywords: Synthpop, Electro, Lobit
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Oh, the Floppy Swop label! One of the first net labels I discovered, seemingly so long ago now. Being stuck on dial-up modems for most of my life, it was a refuge for me as a music-seeking person with a shoddy connection to the web, but it was also simply a giddy place of magic and coolness. I thought this would be the first thing I’d review of the label’s discography, since I am also a long-time superhuge fan of The Cure, or at least of the larger body of their early material. To this day, probably my favourite memories of seeing a live concert was of The Cure. So how does this cover stand up?

Pretty well! I mean, it’s not the original, but I wouldn’t want it to be. It’s just a fun single. ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ begins with the recognizable melody, plays the song with what sounds like microsynths and maybe a 606 or CR type of drum machine. No vocals, but that’s ok… it’s a minimal cover, but with a satisfactory number of sounds going on…

… so yeah, this is definitely a keeper in my opinion! Here’s a link to the Floppy Swop page where you can find this and other fun downloads:

And here’s a direct link to download this release. Enjoy!–alextron_-_BOYS_DONT_CRY.mp3

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