Failure – First Performance WIthout a Harp

artist: Failure
title: First Performance Without a Harp
cat: TAN118
format: mp3 320 kbps
keywords: Acoustic
label Tales About Nothing

Are you ready for some chit chat? If not than you might just want to skip this review and direct yourself direct to the link below for a guitar jam….

….. Thank you for staying with us and to continue reading words, because thats where this review blog is all about, chit chat and music.
With the music of this release playing in the background I just thought it was the right time to just tell the dear readers something more about Yeah I Know It Sucks. The last couple of days we seem to be more interested in releases that have been laying around in dusty alley’s of the underground. You know the ones, that one single person downloaded.(probably the artist or netlabel themselves) These releases are certainly not unloved by its creator, but seems to have a hard time finding interested ears to crawl around in.

As Yeah I Know It Sucks have a fetish for rare music that nobody likes, we just spot these lonely releases and praise them into heaven. The artist will be happy as we (as fanatics) download the underrated works and hopefully generate another download click from a crazy person, who accidentally clicks on the link that we supply at every review we write.

It is a win win situation, although it might ruin our reputation of sophisticated reviewers. The thing is that Yeah I Know It Sucks are not just your regular review website, we have proven to be highly biased, very unprofessional , mentally unstable and above all next to promoting good DIY & netreleases and music, we do have an secret agenda..

Many netlabels are delivering fantastic music releases, but there are also a great amount of labels that are putting out equally great ‘anti-music’.
We leave it to your own imagination what this term could be, but let us say that we here at Yeah I Know It Sucks tend to praise music that contains nothing more than a annoying hiss, glorifying tracks that are completely silent & write extensive enthusiastic words for releases that could be compared to the sound of someone shitting in a contagious audio loop.

The high quality studio mixed music releases we trash with great delight, or not even feature them on this blog.
Of course we have many exceptions,  because if music is good than we don’t mind to let our enthusiasm go on a wild rampage.

Anyway what does this have anything to do with the release this review should be all about? well, absolutely nothing..
This is just pure filler, but I thought to just use this space to let you know a bit about our intentions and that by any means you shouldn’t follow our reviews, opinions blindly. And especially not take our reviews too serious.

With this writing in mind, let’s get over to the release of Failure – First Performance Without a Harp.
The artist is among us a very well respected individual and the name of ‘Failure” does ring many bells of recognition and respect.

Failure is one of these artists that is honest and you just always know what to expect when ‘Failure’ comes around the corner to release free music. With ‘First Performance Without a Harp’ Failure directly points out that in this performance the harp went missing. Leaving Failure alone with a guitar that is being played like only ‘Failure’ could do.

With this stripped down acoustic performance of Failure on strings there is not a lot of other things to say or write than that it is a nice bright jam of failure on a guitar. It is nice and YIKIS loves it as it shows no bullshit, just a recording of someone who enjoys strumming the guitar strings. If you expect to hear something else than Failure on a guitar enjoying himself, you should definitely search for something else, but if not, feel very free to click on the link below and enjoy:

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