John Ov3blast – Yours Faithfully

artist: John Ov3blast
title: Yours Faithfully
cat: monoKraK145
keywords: ambient
label Monokrak

The music feels like awakening in a forrest while the ground and leaves are still wet from the night fog. A magical place where a steady almost tribal orientated groove meets deep layers of atmospheric ambiance.”Fractal” is the perfect track for ears to be consumed in the early morning or late at night.

the following track reassures the listener that we are indeed down in nature, although a walk ‘In The Park’ is of course less drastic than a jungle surrounding. Comical jokes aside this track is a beautiful ambient track that explores warm layers of sounds that are creating a very calming effect. The birds that sing in the background gives the whole sound a new age kind of feeling, which results in a joyful piece of music to relax too.

The last piece of music is a warm long ambient track containing warm pads that almost feel like a classical composition for strings. It opens up in a subtile way and is in its lengthy space a perfect track to chill out on.

Don’t hesitate to click on the link below if you are in need for soothing ambient:

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