Cagey House – stations-alive

artist: Cagey House
title: stations-alive
keywords: fairly unusual music
label: elegirl netlabel

The best way to listen to the following release is while your body is relaxed in a comfortable position. Perhaps you can sit on a pleasant chair or lay down on some soft pillows, or crawl up in a small closet.
Make sure you have removed your earwax before listening and that you are in a mellow state of mind. Why all these preparations you may ask? The music you are about to hear is just something that is made to listen with your eyes closed, your mind open and the muscles totally relaxed. Even though it is a nice atmospheric experience, don’t expect this music to be ambient or new age kind of material. It is more ‘magic mushroom’ content, if you know what I mean.

I don’t know if you already went down to download this release (you should!) or just wait for the right moment to come while reading these words. But trust me the music is better, than reading about it. But because this is a ‘requested’ review, i will do my best to convert the tracks into writing.

The first track is called ‘Apes Sometimes at Best’ and feels like entering a spacious white room with large windows overseeing a green landscape. In the middle there is a large piano that plays by itself, which may sounds spooky in writing, but in sound it is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. More stranger is the odd looking person that sits in the corner of the room, covered with white blankets. We can hear ‘mumbling noises’ coming out of this strange individual. I forgot to tell you that there are many old vintage children toys lying down on the shiny wooden floor. The light shines through the thin see-through curtains and even though the situation may seem odd, it feels perfectly normal.

With “Doug’s Moth with Mushrooms” we are finding ourselves in another room in the bright mansion. The music is comfortable, while the vintage furniture in the room are slowly transforming (increasing and expanding) in length. A strange breeze of hiss sings through the air, while the piano from the other room plays a relaxing composition to entertain the imagination.

“In Summer Again” the sunshine is coming through the windows, a warm calm feel of recognition fills up the heart of this contemporary music. Our ears have lost the track of time and space, while the track has slipped into an jazzy beat.
The flutes and all the other seemingly organic instruments are celebrating their freedom, while the sun warms up the rest of the ensemble.

A more electric orientated vibe has rolled itself into ‘Preparing for the Vortex Larry’. Strange placed sounds that quickly find a friendly played toypiano that makes it all ‘seemingly’ human again. When these two friends disappear from where they came from, lovely warm unexplainable sounds of music start to fill up the ears. It feels like we are able to fly up the large stairs in a renaissance kind of way.

Another calm moment comes with ‘Shimmy Drums in Zapper Light’. A collection of lightweight instruments that are flying around each other are giving us a very strange feeling. Shimmy drums that are played loosely in shapes of freedom, seems to be our savior, keeping our feet on the floor, while our ears are joining the precious flying sounds of music.

Perhaps this imaginary mansion we have enjoyed this wonderful trippy music in, is in fact haunted. It makes sense with all the strange experiences our ears have encountered. But the thing is the spirits captured here in this release are playful, kind hearted and they are also very creative music makers. ‘This all comes out in an acknowledgement kind of music called ‘Spirits Factory Two Shifts’.

With the last track (The guy with the shoes (no rain) ) we feel like we have to say goodbye to the wondrous music, the strange room music and the extra ordinary music trip our ears and visionary eyes have been exploring. For the last time these kind hearted lost souls put on a lovely performance, featuring a parade of happy sounds and expressions of a feel good presence.
It feels sad to leave these sounds alone, but the music is positive that we (and our ears) will return for a peaceful visit of spiritual music.
Next time we will digest magical mushrooms before visiting the work of Cagey House.
Masterful, playful and magical!
Get this wonderful music release over here and enjoy the visual explorations of the mind:

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