The New Blockaders – Live At Morden Tower

artist: The New Blockaders
title: Live At Morden Tower
format: Tape

keywords: experimental
label: Mirror Tapes
reviewer: Johan Nederpel (Blips for the Hips)

Slowly, but certain, I feel like I’m going to the more old-school post-rock industrial underground blipside of the spectrum. Not only because in the 70’s and 80’s there where more cassette releases, but also to find where all the great sounds of today originate from. Doing a little archeology to learn something from the past.

A great help in this is the fabulous Mirror Tapes label. Releasing old and sometimes forgotten (by the listener or the composer) music on tapes. Or, in this case, the original recordings of two TNB concerts in Morden Tower, Newcastle.

These concerts have been released on cassette for the first time in 1983 by TNB themselves. Later that year, they where released by Aeon. Then in 2000, they where released on a bootlegged CDr by Siren Records.And finally, in 2003, they where on the compilation Gesamtnichtswerk on Hypnagogia. And now again on cassette!

The first track is the one of September 1983, starting with rumbling noise. Very soon the screeching comes in, which is heard throughout the track. You can hear a lot of the cut-offs and pitch variations that are used in today’s noise scene.

The second track is more reverberating (yes, that is a word) than the first track. It has a more analog feel to it. Although there are also some screeches, it is more organic.

Really hard to describe what is actually going on on these two tracks. Maybe using contact-mics on plates of metal, or just some sounds thrown through feedback loops and playing with some parameters. But man, I like it!

No score for this! You just need to have one version of these amazing concerts in your cassette/cd/lp collection.

P.S. If you would like some other information about the British start of it all, a bit more focused on synth music, watch ‘Synth Britannia’. A great BBC documentary about the early days of synth music in the UK.

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