Raison D'être – Prospectus I [re-mixed]

Artist: Raison D’être
title: Prospectus I [re-mixed]
format: Tape
keywords: remix, structures, industrial,
label: Ravenheart
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel (Blibs for the Hips)

A vacation in 2005. Being in the South of South-Limburg, a place called Mesch (yep, almost the same as the synthpop band). Going through the new CD section in Orkus Magazine, I stumpled upon a CD from Sanctum on Cold Meat Industry. Reading the description, I realized I had to have this! The description was about the CD being one of the best industrial albums of that year.

How wrong could I have been! At that moment I thought Mesh was industrial 🙂 And after listening to a sample of Let’s Eat, I thought I would never ever buy horrible music like that. How could they call that Industrial? But slowly my musical taste changed: from synthpop to rhythmic industrial to industrial to noise etc. etc. etc.., Oops! Can’t go any further than noise.

So along the way the review in Orkus came to mind again. I took my changes and bought the CD. This time I was overwhelmed by structures and singing in the release. I now think it is one of the best albums ever made! The era of Cold Meat Industry Collecting has begun.

That automatically brings you to Raison Dêtre (reason for existence), who has more than 10 releases on the label. The first one being Prospectus I. Here I have the cassette on Ravenheart of the re-mixed version.

The 9 tracks are mostly build around orchestral and vocal loops. This works very well for a time, but to the end of the cassette it is beginning to get a bit boring and predictable. The songs on themselves really stand out it is just a bit of the same everytime.

For having fond memories of that vacation, CMI and the other works of Peter is gets 4/5 blips

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