Anatomy0273 – Entartete Breakbeat Single (NJMP3-0171)

What's more unsettling than a dilapidated mannequin with no head, arms and lacking even a large part it's legs, sitting up provocatively on what appears to be a shelf in some creepy room? Not the album artwork for Anatomy0273's Entartete Breakbeat Single, because it is actually a depiction of just such a mannequin as I've described.

Artist: Anatomy0273
Title: Entartete Breakbeat Single
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0171
Keywords: Illbient, Modern Classical, IDM, Broken Beat, Breakcore
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

This, the second thing sent in to Noise-Joy by Anatomy#0273, now shortened to Anatomy0273 (subtle difference!), got me really excited. To my ears it had sounded like a giant leap had been made in terms of sound and style. Even while I loved the artist’s first album The Lakis Project, drunk on the pure sonic bliss of this two-track work I couldn’t wait to hear what might follow… unfortunately, I never received anything after this and the label imploded before I might have had a chance. Still… no time to dwell on the might-have-beens, and the records that were, were perfectly satisfactory. I can be happy with that.

The titular track, ‘Entartete Breakbeat’ starts us off. We hear a low hi-hat and epiano and then a breakbeat comes in, gets cut, chopped, sliced and served on a bed of ambient salad. Then it ends.

Next is ‘Weiche Teile und Harte Teile (Extremely Rare)’ which has a really nice epiano sound along with drifting vinyl clicks and pops, traces of ride cymbal. Out of nowhere a crunchy noise break comes in. Over that we hear distorted cello waveforms and more epiano, softly playing. Heavy, intense and distorted breaks thrash wildly into the mix… it’s like they’re enraged, juxtaposed against the electric piano that represents maybe a calm stoicism that could be mistaken for serenity. Then it ends, abruptly, and it’s over.

That was as simple a description as I think I could manage! Such a short piece of sound, but it makes an impression in it’s brief run time. Check it out, if you would, at the following link:

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