neuroSampler – Transforming

artist: neuroSampler
title: Transforming
cat: SPNet10
keywords: Glitch, Micro-noise, IDM, Field recordings
label: SPNet

One of my favorite music projects from Russia and possible one of these rare releases I always come back too. The music of this netrelease on SPNet by NeuroSampler is so good and enjoyable, that it is very hard to write a review about it. It is this release that puts the dot behind the expression ‘ time goes fast, while having fun!’. What I can remember is that the music on this release is so efficient and pleasant that they just leave your ears flabbergasted.
It is now or never to finally add this record in the hall of Yeah I Know It Sucks fame, so let’s get started!

The first track is called ‘loading” and is a sonic expression that excites in every way, simply not choosing a usual direction of presenting music or sounds. It all starts with something that sounds like opening and closing of a microwave and from there it is a fun ride of strange placed sounds, silences, cuts, effects and pleasant mind fucks. Cant tell you how much I love it, but if this release was a poster it would definitely hang above my bed!

And that was just basically the intro of it all. The real sonic adventure starts with “Data01” on this release that does honor the title of the album.
From strange weird sounds the track transforms into a pure form of awesomeness! Fuck all the IDM music I have reviewed here on Yeah I Know It Sucks because the music of NeuroSampler is so good over here that other music makers should go back to the drawing board and start over. It is not only the great programming skills, the composition and placing of the original created sounds but also the fact that it is just excellent music! The sounds are all made with a high originality and placed in such a perfection that it is no wonder that my excitement when listening to this track doesn’t show any boundaries! Think i’m over reacting? Think again and just download this album directly and let it WOW you away!

‘Uuuntitled’ is yet another example of pleasantly made, experimental music that swings in its mind blowing intelligent structure. The reason why i love NeuroSampler his work so much is probably because he is a noisesician that composes, directs his newly shaped sounds into pleasant music, that even though there are rhythms involved, it isn’t giving your ears exactly what it normally would expect. This is a reason for excitement as most music (even in the experimental side) is pretty predictable in general. Neurosampler is wiring his sounds in a way you cant possibly know what will happen next, and yet it all seems to have the perfect clarity and song structure.

The main track “Transforming’ is a delicious expression of pure awesome sounds. Programmed to thrill our very own ears, trigger the imagination and slowly but surely transform into something you wouldn’t expect at all. Fax machines, type writers, robotic sounds, and whatever incredible sounds NeuroSampler has catched for us here, are creating a thrilling piece of machine funk. Excellent stuff, if you’d ask me!

I remember that the last track on this release was something very impressive. Tuned into it again now i’m yet captivated and thrilled by the sounds of a masterpiece. Noises, sound recording snippets, radio rumble, experimental unidentifiable sonic sounds are creating a smooth intelligent track that everyone who loves sound, noise and experimental electronic works should be excited about. It is a great source where amazing sounds flow by in a chopped up calming track that will leave our ears begging for more!
Obviously I think ‘transforming’ is a must have release, but please do check it out for yourself and make up your own opinions (and above all: Enjoy the sounds of music!).
grab this excellent record for free over here:

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