Doomettes – Presidents' Day

artist: Doomettes
title: Presidents’ Day
cat: Siro350
keywords: Harsh Noise, Wall Of Noise
label: Sirona records

With more than 7700 downloads we can assume that Doomettes has found its way to the ears of the lucky ones. Perhaps the FBI, CIA and the president himself have been enjoying this release for “classified” reasons.
Doomettes’s president day is indeed a release that deserves attention, and that is what these words you are reading are here for.

The start of this track is a compilation of carefully recorded sound snippets of conversations that revolves around the president. It will be a hilarious fact when some of the listeners will recognize their own voice in this audio collage. When it all goes up to a highlighting frustration and comical effect of chopped up ‘presidents’, the part where pure Harsh Noise Wall comes in to show some old school middle finger to the establishment. Think a sea of electrifying hiss, some rumbles that scrape and clean the cheese in your ears clean till it reaches the flesh. No stopping here as the sound will go through until your ears will fall off, leaving you with just a pair of bleeding holes on each side of the skull. Than it starts to cut through the nose, the arms and legs and basically continues until there will be hardly anything left of the dear listener. I might consider calling this a trick release that is a secret weapon waiting for indeed the president and his spying entourage to tune in, laughing at first with the chopped up sample madness and then suddenly dying while the sounds of Doomettes cuts through them like a knife cutting a piece of cake. It is that i was wearing ear protection otherwise i probably wouldn’t be here to write this review for you. Download this secret weapon of mass destruction over here:

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