tt-vox – Deep Blue Rain (NJMP3-0139)

The artwork for tt-vox' Deep Blue Rain is an image of a deep blue wall... the kind of wall that seems to compel us to walk a little closer than we normally might to any typical, ordinary wall; to run our hands over the surface of it... inspecting it with our eyes we can see three different textures that seem to speak to us, saying, "we would love to be touched lightly with the fingertips, caressed with the palms." Nerve-endings send signals to the brain of the pleasurable sensations of the wall. This wall is present in our minds now, it's real for each of us... it is a wall we all share. And that's ok, man. It's ok to just... let go. Really feel your emotions again, let them all pour out. No more walls, no more barriers. Let's talk about your mother...

Artist: tt-vox
Title: Deep Blue Rain
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0139
Keywords: Modern Classical, Ambient
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Today… I share with you the second (and, sadly, last) of Japanese composer Takuya Minakawa, working under the alias tt-vox’, ambient piano compositions that were originally released on Noise-Joy. This one was actually put out immediately after the first, Za-Ku-Ro, which I reviewed not so long ago. They were back-to-back, even. But, let us make haste! There is much to hear for three minutes and forty-one seconds…

‘Deep Blue Rain’ begins with a little bit of static, some electronic clipping really low in the mix, and of course… dat piano. Very lovely melodies, introspective and meandering. With a title like ‘Deep Blue Rain’ you would expect a touch of accompanying melancholy, and it’s there… but it isn’t the over-arching emotional state of the music. It feels rather more like you are perched at a window seat, staring at country and woods as it rains, maybe looking out at a large yard with a lovely statuesque birdbath, and day-dreaming of soon-to-be events or just replaying a moment in your mind of a particularly nostalgic character. The electronic sounds that fill the background are very suitably kept back, so as not to overwhelm the fragile piano as it works it’s subtle magic on your mind.

If you enjoyed Za-Ku-Ro, you’ll enjoy this one too. If you are just beginning to delve into the works of tt-vox, be sure to grab that one as they both go together very well. If you find yourself wanting more, I’d also suggest picking up tt-vox’ short album for the Bruits Net Label titled Noise Emission – it’s a lot more experimental, eclectic and absolutely worth having – and, probably my absolute favourite thing by tt-vox, Silent Poet which was out on MiMi Records. That one is experimental but also very beautiful and ambient, featuring a lot of great sounds for those of you, like me, who thrill with the strangest of noises. Before I forget, here’s a link to Deep Blue Rain… enjoy, as always:

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