Depressurizzazione – Circolo

Artist: Depressurizzazione
title: Circolo
cat: SPNet104
keywords: Power Electronics
label: SPNet

‘Depressurizzazione is brewing strange vibes in an extensive audio kitchen with the track ‘Siderale’. Dark aromas of electronic devices are boiling, while the sinister voice of the talented chef-cook stirs the pots and keeps the strangest sounds from his creations under strict control. It may be a weird perspective, but to me it sounds like this kitchen full of strange sounds is not one we know on planet earth, but more a kind of kitchen you will find in the food section of hell.

I am not talking about a television program that I’ve never seen (but I did swept the set once with a broom and a mop!) but heard off; Hell’s Kitchen. But trying to describe this track is not an easy task, and i thought that the whole kitchen setting was perfectly fitting until my brain wandered off to crap television programs i swear i have never seen. It is just so famous that i do know a lot of useless information about it. If I’m not mistaken the chef in this TV cooking program is called Gordon Ramsey and he likes to shout bad language and uh.. That’s about it.. Can’t believe people watch that, so there must be sexy waiters and waitresses involved… Anyway I’m wandering off again!
Let’s listen to the next track.

Unfortunately the view of this audio adventure being a story recorded in a real Hells Kitchen doesn’t go away while listening to the next track. It feels like the chef is attempting to put on the gas, but the knob controlling it doesn’t really work. Of course the chef patience is endless and keeps on twisting the knob all the way through until the end of the track. He is so busy with this that the sounds of evil darkness that come out of one of his boiling noise soups is slowly over flowing. The sounds are getting louder and louder and rougher and tougher. Swelling up him and eating the complete environment. While this is all happening, the melancholic restaurant music in the background rolls along to set the right atmosphere for a memorable night.

The ten minutes that follow in the last track is a freaky industrial noise set where buzzes, hisses and demonic voices are flying around the rest of the pots and pans? The vibrating tones that are filling up the ears are giving the listeners reasons to masturbate. When the vibrator sounds are going wilder and nastier, you just know that the experimental music is magnificently live manipulated, that it grabs you tight around your balls! Even if you are a woman, i tell you! Nasty but above all very exciting sounds that the artist is squeezing out in this track! Like an orgasm of sound, this track comes to an satisfying end.

If experimental noises, industrial feelings and exciting sounds with a dark twist and lots of vibrations is something for you, than be sure to click on the link below and get this record for free, or buy it on a cd!

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