AODL/ODAL – Split 3″CDR – 2008

artist: AODL/ODAL title: Split 3″CDR keywords: USA/NL NOISE cat nmbr: sp112 format: 3″CDR year: 2008 label: Swamp of Pus Media

USA meets Netherlands in this short but sweet NOISE-attack released by the US-label…AODL opens with disturbing ”staccato” of highs and lows that gradually dissolves into some weird (digital ?) clattering with laserbeam/sf-sounds that at certain points seem to either explode and or go ballistic , chaotic shit , full stereo-spectrum eardrum & braincell destruction here especially when it switches into “AM-radio mode” , complete with vocal samples , harsh fucker , play this for your neighbours and be hated , very very good track in spite of the somewhat “uninteresting” ingredients… and so you hear once again , it’s not the material but what is done with the material that counts !!! After a very hectic 9+ minutes I’m PTSD because of what I just experienced…OOPH !!! And it’s Dutch ODAL’s turn… No-fi noisefilth creeping through the speakers , minimalistic but filthy and damn effective , great vocals as well , missing link between punk/PE and (black-)metal vocals…ODAL delivers with this mindfuck called “Je Oma Is Een Hoer” (literally : Your Grandma Is A Whore) and for some odd reason this track also features laserbeam/sf-sounds , though slightly different , batshit crazy stuff here , nothing less , from one of the longest running Dutch NOISE-artists (30+ years !!!) after 6+ minutes we’re treated with another tasty no-fi treat from our beloved artist and this one has more chaos & mindfuck on offer… here ODAL goes into “AM-radio mode” and to good effect as well … “Stront is Lekker” (Shit is Delicious) is the name of this filthy no-fi turd and the “production” helps this minimalist anti-musical statement a lot !!! STRONT also happens to be the name of the LABEL ran by ODAL and hopefully you’ll get to read a lot more about all of this in these pages in the near future …VERY good work by both artists & label , one of my fave noise-disks…ltd. to 50 (and prolly sold out by now) mine has black print on red inlay in a clear plastic sleeve ; contact label for more info …


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