Audio Destruction – Earth

artist: Audio Destruction title: Earth keywords: noise,drone,dark ambient cat nmbr: Sv024 format: 3″ CDR year: 2008 label: Svartgalgh

Weird one , this one… Imagine a slowed-down version of HNW with most of the highs filtered out leaving only some mid-frequency crackling and bunch of bass rumblings…towards the end we get some more highs and a kind of beating sound for a while before it all returns to the lofi crackling and rumbling , like a filtered out crunch , noiseheads should be able to understand this review , sorry no way to describe it any better I’m afraid…somewhat trance-inducing but nothing special here … digital clicks here and there due to mastering … 22.34 min. of HNW-Lite , ha ! …Not the greatest but not bad either , ltd.50 more info : myspace.comaudiodestructiongbg


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