Doornen – Caveman Prototype

artist: Doornen title: Caveman Prototype keywords: noise,harshnoise cat nmbr: AT-01 format: 3″ CDR year: 2008 label: Audial Thorns

Dutch HARSH-NOISE here from Wierden … Very strange release by this one-man unit this time around , quite chaotic and textured but lacking a lot of highs and focusing on the bass- and midfrequency rumblings instead , at least in the first half of this disk….halfways the second track more highs appear in the mix and the pressure is on , all kinds of noises try to find their way to the surface and the ones that do are sure to be potent enough to fuck your brains real bad , haha , same goes for your speakers btw…”Concerning Further Evolution Of Species (Edit)” is what we’re discussing and yeah , (some) real raw edit(s here and there) but hey it’s NOISE…3rd track offers more full-on madness with lots of crumbling bass and even some high feedback flushing,washing and piercing ones eardrums like there is no tomorrow…nice DIY production (inkjet/color-cover & sticker on disk,Ltd.22) contact label : or contact artist :

update :  Doornen is kind of put to rest and attention will be focussed on a new project, Neurotic Envelope


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