Flat Affect – Cleaving Unto Silence


artist: Flat Affect title: Cleaving Unto Silence keywords: USA,Noise, Drone, Ambient cat nmbr: SPCD12 format: 3″CDR year: 2008 label: SP http://www.sprecordings.com

For some reason I was expecting harshnoise from this US-based artist but instead we get a long piece of slow droning dark-ambient here…great stuff to meditate to it seems but halfways into the journey there’s some slow percussive elements emerging and throughout the whole track there’s also what appears to be backwards female voices … rendering a rather “spooky” effect !…Just the way we like it over here !!! …dark disturbed meditation in lofi for both the spiritually inclined as well as the atheist shoegazers out there !! “written and produced by Flat Affect using source material from the Darkness Sessions,recorded in collab. with WO-5100.” is what the fullcolour backcover-panel reads which is glued to the tiny white envelope holding the little silver disc…”Spacey” fullcolour frontcover-panel fits the music quite well….ltd. to 30 and prolly sold out ; Needless to say ; Comes highly recommended though !


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