Noia – 999

artist: Noia title: 999 keywords: ambient,field recordings cat nmbr: resdatcom07 format: 3″ CDR year: 2010 label: res-dat-com

(Field-)”recordings of different kinds of labour on several locations in leeuwarden nl” 3 tracks ; 999 – 1,2 & 3 , all lasting 6.40 min. exactly and giving what the cover promises … sounds of people at work…first track seems to take place in a factory , would make nice source-material for some CRUEL harshnoise if you ask me , at one point it gets almost rhythmic … good track for what it is…ends with what sounds like handsaw…2nd track after few seconds of “build-up” sounds like someone sanding a piece of wood or applying the handsaw and captured at a certain distance…distinct sounds of wood here…would prolly also make great source material for harshest noise but also ok for what it is…this one is a bit more no-fi recorded also with slight distortion running throughout the track , really like that in a fieldrecording , i myself am not too much into the very clean stuff , not even when it comes to “ventures in audio” like this project here…this track also tends to get rhythmic after a while and has good hypnotizing properties…ambient with a TWIST , not sure how to categorize this but should be of interest to those into field-recordings, electroacoustic music,ambient,experimental and even those into noise might get a kick out of this weird but DAMN FINE DIY-RELEASE , oh yeah , 3rd track continues in the same vein and a great thick-paper fold-out sleeve illustrated with pen-drawnings and other primitiv art holds the disc + mysterious inlay … cover doesn’t have much info on artist but ask label yourself : or RESONAN c/o meidoornstraat 13, 8922 CJ, Leeuwarden , The Netherlands


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