Norss – Avondhemel

artist: Norss title: Avondhemel keywords: dark ambient,noise,drone,field recordings cat nmbr: SUBREC018 format: 3″ CDR year: 2008 label: Sub Rec (SUBliminalRECordings)

(defunkt) dutch project on (defunkt) greek DIY-label, edition of 20 pieces of this somewhat weird experimental work… 1st track a long (11 min.) piece of slowed-down bass rumbling which gets interrupted by “weird” distant (filtered harsh-?)noise-samples from the 4th minute on … Strange stuff but the weirdest (for me) has yet to come , 2nd track “Hellegloren” which sounds like 9 minutes of no-fi field-recordings where not much happens except for some wind/rain…For Minimalists Only…  (or I just don’t get it , which also is a possibility…)


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