Various Artists – Nervous Noise [compilation]

artist: Various Artists title: Nervous Noise keywords: Noise, Experimental, Industrial cat nmbr: NN#16 format: CD year: 2006 label: Nervous Nurse

Dutch ZYRTAX opens the compilation with somewhat doomy/bassy piece called PAGE 13…On top op the rhythmic rumblings there’s some “free-noise” keyboard(?)-abuseย and with 2.45 it’s a bit on the short end but damn nice opener ! CHEFKIRK’s contribution is named 72203309 and is another good and weird NOISE track which endsย with what sounds like magnetic-tape abuse , well done….(Germany’s?) ANTRACOT’s track ELECTRONIC OUTBURST PT.2 opens with some rhytmic noise but quickly turns into FRENZYย of LO-FI feedback and source-material abuse , FILTHY NOISE HERE !!! 6.42 min. of variations in rumbles,drones and piercing feedback exercises , should even satisfyย PE- & HARSHNOISEHEADS ! … TOTAL KAOS from MONOBRAIN, another Dutch artist with a track called ME EGO ZIT VAST IN ME UITLAAT (which translates to : my ego is stuck in my exhaust) from low rumbling kaos to piercing high feedback fuckery , 2.26 min. of hq brainwashing !!! PLATED STEEL ( = MAOR APPELBAUM)’s NEW YEARS DAY is a very niece piece also , 3+min. of what sounds like wind and piercing feedback with a low rumble surfacing here and there…Does the job…LASSE MARHAUG’s track kicks in with very loud bass (c)rumbleย which immediately reminds of the HNW phenomena , after a while some weirds highs emerge from the filthy thick wall of bass and this is a precursor for more distorted mid andย hi-frequency attacks and drones…And this here pretty much seems to be the formula , thick layer of bass and variety of highs and lows , after a while even synth-likeย stuff and more weirdness appear in this weirdo (harsh-)noise mini-opera called SOFT SHELL CRAB …with 11.44 min. the longest track on the album but doesn’t loose interest a split-second…loud,raw and varied , another MASTERPIECE by the long-running Norvegian artist…and yet another Dutch artist here , FEVER SPOOR , who happens to be from my “hood”ย ah well , sorta like , same province but before I digress any further on to the track ANYONE WHO PRAYS IN SPACE IS NOT THERE …some weird synth-like stuff opens track and soundsย kinda sinister , like something from a decent low-budget horror flick…gradually more and more sounds enter and leave the mix…but all of this tend to lean more towards the dark-ambient side of the noise “genre” and even some electro-acoustic influences can be occasionally heard , or at least that is what my uneducated ears think they can make out…Not the harshest/rawest track on the comp. but a very fitting and well-executed 7th track anyway…Up next is ANDRE BORGEN , have no further info on this artist so straight onย to the sounds : PESTING 2 is the name and LOFI feedback-fuckery seems to be the game…totally filthy , prolly even NOFI NOISEFILTH for the skumbags out there…only 2.12 min. dammit!…KOBI from norway with track 9 ; TO RESIST THE DYING LIGHT sounds like lofi random JUNK-abuse , filthy as fuck screeching electrified doom-acoustics noise, nothing tooย harsh or loud but just plain sick atmosphere from what seems to consist of some kind of field-recording which may have been post-processed , in any case another damn great track….VINCENZO BOSSI serves us SYNTHETIC COFFEE……..Laserpulses and whitenoise-washout are the key ingredients here after 2 minutes the damn pulses get annoying but maybe that is the purpose? XEDH feat. LILA FLOSS sound somewhat like a no-fi cross-breed between sloppy ATARI TEENAGE RIOT and GOREGRIND as well as GABBER stuff with CARACTER RESIDUAL , name of theirย track…if I’m not mistakin they’re from some south-american country…short but ok for what it is…narrow-minded skum may not appreciate but I kinda like the track the femaleย vocalist has horny voice which makes for strange combo with aforementioned musick !!! GELSOMINA vs. FLUTWACHT is trance-inducing , almost rhythmic midpaced NOISE attack by theseย 2 well known acts…3.46 min. of hypnosis…FILTHY TURD from UK gives us DIRTY WOMEN and this is a quite hypnotic crunching piece of noise , not the most chaotic but more of the static hnw variety although in the static base there seems to seems a lot to go on just beneath the skin , mid and high frequencies there’s some hoovering and whistling goingย on , lows are filthy and crunchy , it all sounds quite NOFI and perverted , I like this when having SEX !!! Heavy stuff by C.R.E.T.A. , harsh as fuck wire/cable/jack/fxbox-abuse, antisocial, brutal and LOUD !!! MONOKONTRAST sounds like loops taken from either old records or tape but after while almost digital sounding feedback electrify the whole mess and ย gradually blow the track out…not the strongest track present…VALVULA ANTIRRETORNO has weird noise combined with weird maniak vocals by one or more person(s) , all is quite a LOFIย affair but a quite blown-out and crazy one at that , reminding bit of FCKN BSTRDS , very good track and also the last of the 16 tracks present on this way above average (soundwise)ย compilation , featuring many GREAT artist but it’s a pity that a great product like this comes with only plastic sleeve and inlay which btw. is , i must confess , glossy full-color,ย prolly pro-printed…Thing is , it has only names/track-titles/web contacts/ and label contact…bit (too) sober for my taste but this may be a matter ofย aesthetics (and taste!)…In any case , sound is what matters most on these comps and these are quite in order here (in general)…One of the better NOISE comps in the collection reviewed here… contact/info :ย

01 Zyrtaxย โ€“ Rage 13 2:45
02 Chefkirkย โ€“ 72203309 3:42
03 Antracotย โ€“ Electronic Outburst Pt. 2 6:42
04 Monobrainย โ€“ Me Ego Zit Vast In Me Uitlaat 2:26
05 Plated Steelย โ€“ New Years Day !!! 3:22
06 Lasse Marhaugย โ€“ Soft Shell Crab 11:44
07 Fever Spoorย โ€“ Anyone Who Prays In Space Is Not There 5:35
08 Andrรฉ Hardang Borgenย โ€“ Pesting 2 2:12
09 Kobiย โ€“ To Resist The Dying Light 6:04
10 Vincenzo Bossiย โ€“ Synthetic Coffee 2:55
11 Xedhย โ€“ Caracter Residual 

Featuring โ€“ย Lila Floss

12 Gelsominaย vs.ย Flutwachtย โ€“ Untitled 3:46
13 Filthy Turdย โ€“ Dirty Women 5:12
14 C.R.E.T.A.ย โ€“ Flames 3:04
15 Monokontrastย โ€“ Nervous Psychiatrist 4:57
16 Valvula Antirretornoย โ€“ Cirugia Estรฉtica 2:04


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