Varraghor – Butchered in Berlin

artist: Varraghor title: Butchered in Berlin keywords: Black Metal,Thrash Metal cat nmbr: ? format: CDR year: 2007 label: Sound Of Charge Rekord

5 tracks of furious BM where the band sounds like a more aggressive and raw version of bands like Dark Funeral & Marduk… Not really my preferred kind of metallic sickness but not bad either , it’s just that i don’t really like that style of BM very much (although MASOCHISTIC VIOLENT HELLBLAST is damn good imo. from chaotic and harsh to raw melody and melancholy) especially the vocals ain’t my thing here but that’s just a personal thing , a matter of taste … b/w-xeroxed cover , brand-cdr , cover has 7 pentagrams (including logo) and info on recording date and contact : or or get in touch with label co Pascal Blaud 31 residence les platanes 62950 Noyelles Godault France


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