Wire Werewolves – And The Moon Became A Fang

artist: Wire Werewolves title: And The Moon Became A Fang keywords: Thrash, Black Metal, Avantgarde, Noise cat nmbr: eg-005 format: CDr year: 2007 label: Elephant Graveyard

short piece of noise opens this cd and after a minute we get some “doomy”/”sludgy” METAL with shriekin’ BM-vocals of the kind I’m not too fond of…Heard ‘m worse, also LOTS better…ย but ok , rest of music is OK enough, tight drums (programmed),heavy guitars…after more (shorter) noise at end of 1st track we bump full-speed into raging 2nd track with more ofย the same vocals , suiting the music better…slow part after approx. minute comes with cool vocal sample only to end the track in the same fast and furious fashion , great track !!!ย longer (1.30 min.) piece of weird NOISE opens 3rd track , midpaced BM/DOOM with the stressed maniac vocals , ok but nothing too special this track and after 2.30 min. approx. it’s ย over and we get another 3+minutes of weird noise…4th track is ultrafast drumcomputer-driven BM with a touch of GRIND , great but only 0.48 min (!)…5th track is a weird piece consisting of “field-recordings” of feedback , presumably from guitar (?) …sounds like a soundcheck of some hellish BM band somewhere in the fog in the distance … goofy stuff here…OK (Mini) CD may be a bit of a disappointment to some metalheads because of the fact that the actual “metal”-content is limited to a mere 10 minutes (half of the disk)… I myself would have liked more tracks of the “Leech Feast”-variety , LF being the title of the short Black/Grind track found on this release … who knows , maybe in future ??? info :https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wire-Werewolves/134508969940773or http://www.sentientrecordings.com/wirewerewolves2.html


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